Win an audition class with 4-time Series Lead Wendy Davis

The year is winding down and we wanted to find a way to celebrate our acting tribe and bring more like-minded actors together inside our Facebook group Get the Audition Book the Job.

Pilot Season is just around the corner and we want to set you up for success in 2019 and beyond. At Acting Pros, our most successful students have an Audition Dream Team of supportive, like-minded actors.

What’s an Audition Dream Team? It’s the people you call to run your audition (or especially last minute audition) with. The actors who speak the same language, are pulling for your success, and can help you discover the strongest audition choices (even when you’re short on time).

And you’re there to do the same for them. The best part about your Audition Dream Team is that you can support one another from anywhere in the world (#thankyoutechnology).

With your Audition Dream Team on your side, your acting success becomes a matter of when, and not if.

Join our #AuditionTeamChallenge

We’re launching a FREE Audition Team Challenge. Our goal is to bring 3,000 actors together inside of this inspiring, supportive, free online community. And…when we meet that goal there are prizes to be had!

Yee haw!

Prize #1

The first step to building your Audition Dream Team is speaking the same audition language. When our membership exceeds 3,000 people, every member of the group will get to participate in a free audition class taught by Wendy herself. In this class Wendy will share the exact audition technique she uses to book all her film and tv work.

Prize #2

You can win an individual prize by referring your friends to join the group which enters you into a raffle to win up to 5 private coaching sessions.

So if you’re ready to build your Audition Dream Team, to join a community of inspiring, making-it-happen actors, and you like winning free acting classes, we hope you’ll take action to build your Audition Dream Team during this drive.

Here’s how to refer friends and win the raffle:

Each time you refer an acting friend to the group who joins, your name gets thrown into a raffle. On 11/19 we will raffle off 5 private audition coaching sessions that you can use any time in 2019.

Here’s how that works…

Imagine George refers 15 friends to the Facebook group, Get the Audition Book the Job. His name gets added to the raffle 15 times, which means George could get really lucky and win up to 5 private coaching sessions.

Or Elaine refers 2 friends to the group. Her name gets added to the raffle 2 times. That means 2 chances for Elaine to win private coaching sessions.

The more actor friends you refer, the greater the odds you’ll win at least one private coaching session.

****Please note you must INVITE your actor friends to join the facebook group. Adding a friend yourself will NOT COUNT as an entry into the raffle. Besides, no one wants to be added to a random group without their consent. #dontbethatfriend

Are you ready to play?

Here’s how to build your audition dream team–

Step 1:

Copy the language below and feel free to make it your own:

Want to win a FREE audition class with 4-time Series Lead Wendy Davis? Me too!!! All you have to do is join this group (when they reach X members, Wendy will teach us her biggest audition secrets).

Then click this link to visit our group: Get the Audition Book the Job

Click on the Share button:

Paste the message and share the group invitation to your Facebook timeline:

That’s it!

We’ll be sharing daily updates and inspiration inside the Facebook group so you can track our progress and connect with your fellow actors there.

Break a leg!

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