Who are you doing this for?

Happy Thanksgiving from Acting Pros!

We are so grateful for you.

The holidays can be a time of celebration. But, they can also be awkward and uncomfortable when Aunt Ginny starts asking, “When are you going to get a real job?”

Whether you feel thrilled about the current state of your career, or maybe not so much, remember that the impact you have as an actor is much bigger than you.

There’s a question we like to ask ourselves before an audition, a writing session, or teaching our classes to help us get out of our own way and bring our very best to the table.

Find out what we mean in today’s video.

Who Are You Doing This For?

Acting Pros was created to inspire and empower YOU to have the professional, sustainable career you truly want.

Thank You for letting us into your world and trusting us to help you get there.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Great reminder to help me understand my why? I want to inspire, create, and share my gift. I’m doing this to encourage each person that they can live their dreams.

  2. I am acting to help people escape from their every day hustle and bustle of life. I want my performances to inspire and motivate each person who watches.

  3. I am always doing “this” for my Mom. My Mom passed away over 13 years ago. She led a very troubled and difficult life and I know that she would be so pleased that I am doing what I am and would be so happy to share each and every one of my successes. So, my answer to the question is always easy: Mom.

  4. Great reminder for us all. I’m doing this for all the people who couldn’t, for whatever reason, follow their artistic dreams. I’m doing it for all the artist who wish to be free to express themselves but can’t.

  5. I believe everyone has a story to tell. Hopefully, people are touched and freed through my storytelling. Hopefully my Acting will inspire people to tell their story someway…somehow!


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