What’s your character’s Personality Type?

Have you ever picked up an audition script and thought, “Yes! This is exactly the way I would think and act,”?

Most likely, you and your character share the same personality type.

On the other hand, have you looked at a scene and wondered, “Why would my character do that? It makes no sense!”

If your character’s behavior doesn’t make sense to you, odds are you have a different personality type.

In our class series, Audition Game Pro, one of our most important steps is to identify the Personality Type of your character.

In an ideal world, you would have plenty of time to explore the psyche, motivation, and worldview of your character. But let’s be real. The turn around time on an audition can be less than 24 hours (in some cases much less!).

If you’re going in for a character who’s personality type is far removed from who you are, it can feel impossible to create a compelling audition in a short amount of time.

Enter the Personality Type Funsheet.

Check out today’s video to find out the 4 Main Personality Types you’ll encounter in every script that comes your way…

Now download the Personality Type Funsheet. Use it to identify your character’s main personality type, and traits. This will help you quickly create audition choices in alignment with your character’s personality traits (especially when it’s different from your natural way of being).

This funsheet is directly from the Audition Game Pro program (and we usually save it for students of the class) so get it while you can!

Leave a comment. What personality type are you? How can this funsheet help you in your audition process?


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