What NOT To Do – Social Media

Hey it’s Emily Grace – resident marketing expert here at Acting Pros.

Do you ever have the sneaking suspicion that you’re using social media all wrong…and no one is telling you?!?

Let’s talk about social media etiquette- Where is the line, and how do you know if you’ve crossed it?

Today’s video is one from the recent past, and it’s just as relevant today.

Don’t put your foot in your mouth on social media (and not even realize it)!

Here’s what NOT to do:

Now that we’ve covered what NOT to do – here’s what TO do to be effective on twitter, or any social media platform:

Clarify Your Goals

Why are you using social media? What do you want to accomplish? Are you building relationships with people who can hire you? Bringing visibility to your latest project? Creating a personal brand that combines your witty one liners and your love of Pokeman? Be specific, and your actions will support your goals.

It’s A Cocktail Party

When you meet someone at a party, do you immediately ask them to do something for you? No. You engage is

Know Who You’re Talking To

Social Media is a great of way of sharing what you’re up to. It’s also a phenomenal LISTENING TOOL. Especially if your goal is to build relationships, use the information people willingly share in a public forum to get to know them. Find where you may have common interests, experiences or goals, and use those points of connection to begin a professional relationship.

Add Value

Because social media makes otherwise unavailable people so easily accessible, it can be tempting to go for a direct ask…This is a mistake. Why would a total stranger want to do something for you? They wouldn’t.

Trust and relationships take time. Rather than looking at people thinking “What can I get from them,” approach your potential new relationships with, “What can I GIVE to them?”

Giving can be as simple as saying, “Loved your last directing project – I’m telling all my friends to see your film!”

Earn your right to ask for things by following the advice of entrepreneur and social media pioneer Gary Vaynerchuk, “Give, give, give, then ask.”


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  1. Omg, so true! Love the way you guys make your points, lol 😉

  2. So funny. Funny because I would never do any of those things. Not funny for those that do. Thanks for the important reminder for that group of actors. Love your vlog (sorry, with a video it’s a vlog to me)

  3. It’s so true. As soon as I revealed that I’m writing a series for Netflix on my Instagram profile, people started messaging me with links to their reels, asking me if they can audition, etc. Don’t be that person! The only one that got my attention was the person who offered to help, and didn’t ask for something in return.

    • This is a great point. It’s better to give than to receive. Help others out knowing that your pay will return to you in 7 fold. Congratulations on you recent endeavors by the way. Cheers.

  4. SO true! Love the video, very funny, and spot on! Thank you for this!

  5. Emily OMG I had no idea you were this comedic lol. Very nice video packed with facts.

  6. I agree! I think people take the creed of “ask and you shall receive” and “Ask, what’s the worst thing that can happen, they say no and you’re back to where you started” as complete dogma. But it’s more like , the worst thing that can happen is a bad first impression. And that can take even longer to undue, then simply being patient and asking when the time is right! Thanks for the blogs!!

  7. I believe that it’s important to let people get to know who you are and what your truth is. Although were all very different we all have some real commonalities; this life we all live here on earth for who knows how long. Our dreams, fears, and insecurities to name a few. People like transparency they like people who are just real. Let them decide whether they want to be around you based on who you are, not based on who your posing as. Thats my belief. Cheers.


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