What is “Spaghetti Syndrome” and do you have it?!?

Do you suffer from the mysterious ailment affecting actors near and far?

Watch today’s video to find out (and what you can do about it)!

Remember that Spaghetti Syndrome can be cunning – when your acting goals are here, there and everywhere, you get busy doing a lot of “stuff.” But busy doesn’t necessarily mean productive.

To cure your Spaghetti Syndrome, and build forward career momentum, spend time getting clear and specific about your acting goals, then make sure your plan of action is in alignment with those goals!

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  1. Great advice – great video!

  2. Loved seeing you guys have fun! Love the message in the video!

  3. Awesome, I will be at your class tonight.

  4. Very Cute! Great Reminder!

  5. I’m already taking classes. Just signed up. Thanks for the information though.
    Great information for someone like me just starting out.

  6. Love this! Question though…am curious as to how else one might connect w/these folks, after already sending headshots, emails, snail mail…going to see what they produce…connecting via social media…etc…would really like to see how else to connect, so can build relationships. Thank you!


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