Do you suffer from Redirect Panic?

Something happens to an actor when s/he is in the audition room. Especially if they are lucky enough to get a redirection.

Redirect panic is a widespread actor-syndrome.

Some common symptoms include:

  • Poor listening
  • Failure to execute the note
  • Fulfilling the note but throwing out all the other work you’ve put in
  • Not booking the job

Check out today’s video to see redirect panic in action…

When you get into the audition room, sometimes listening and presence can go right out the window! So when a redirection comes your way, your brain just might not process what is being asked of you.

Showing that you are directable is an important skill for an actor.

When the redirect comes, don’t panic!

Breathe, connect, listen, then add it to the work you’ve already done.

Remember, if someone takes the time to give you a redirect, they like you’re work! It means you’re on the right track and they want to help you.

Let them help you by taking their direction and executing it like a pro!

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