How to create an audition that BOOKS

by | Jan 10, 2019 | Blog

How to create an audition that BOOKS Are you ready to play the Audition Game…and win? Pilot Season is here, and the auditions are rolling in. It’s time to bring your A-game into the audition room. When you get to a certain level of auditioning, everyone is a good actor. So how do you stand out? In today’s video, Wendy incorporates the first three steps of The Audition Game. Watch the before and after to see the incredible difference just a few steps of the Audition Game can make in your work! What is The Audition Game? A step-by-step technique that turns your auditions from a monumental event into a game you can play and win. The Audition Game gives you a protocol to create powerful auditions, even when you’re short on time. What Steps Did Wendy Use in this Audition? Step 1 Scene Shift: The direction in which the story moves for your character. Every scene will shift from positive to negative, or negative to positive. Your character must live out the journey of the scene shift, moment to moment, to forward the story. All scenes shift. Step 2 Moment of Decision: A moment where your character weighs his/her options (Should I do this… or not). Your character has to make a decision. Moment of Discovery: A moment in a scene when your character has been provided new information by another character, the situation, or a self discovery. Step 3 Create a Strong Beginning/Ending: Bookend the scene to make yourself stand out.Use simple physical movement to create the moment before (which is in alignment with the scene).Fully live out the last moment with a strong... read more

Let’s get physical

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Blog

Let’s get physical An audition scene that includes complicated physical movement can be tricky to play in the limitations of the audition room. How much action do you include? What do you leave out? Should you leave anything out? So many questions to consider. Don’t let the physicality of your audition scenes throw you off. Check out today’s video with Lead Instructor Lilach Mendelovich! Let’s Get Physical Don’t be afraid to move in your auditions. Just be sure that the physicality is simplified for the set up of your audition room, and helps you tell the most important elements of the story. Remember to test your choices before you get to the audition room. What seems like a good idea in your head, may not work out the way you imagined. Find out at home to so you can make a new choice! Leave a comment. How do you handle physical movement in your audition? Do you test it out at home to see what works?... read more

It’s all about confidence in the audition room

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Blog

It’s all about confidence in the audition room What does it mean to have confidence in the audition room? Do you set yourself up with an “if/then” equation? “If I memorize all my lines, then I’ll feel confident.” “If I have enough time to prepare, then I’ll feel confident.” Confidence isn’t a destination. It’s a way of being. See what we mean in today’s video! It’s All About Confidence Now, what the actor did in his particular audition, may not fly in every casting office.  Not every casting director will let you play musical chairs with their furniture. In some cases, the big bold choice you prepared isn’t possible because the tripod is broken, or some other technical reason. Remember that confidence is not about what you’re doing. It’s about how you’re doing it. Don’t talk yourself out of bold choices before you even get to the audition room. Just be willing to roll with the punches if the office can’t accommodate what you planned. Casting wants to see you take bold risks. It makes their job easier! Confidence is even more crucial  in comedy. There are many roles and jokes in comedy that require you to do something weird or behave in a way that would be embarrassing for the majority of “normal” people (aka non-actors). But there is NO room for self consciousness in a comedy audition! Most times it is confidence and full commitment to the humor that makes it funny! Think of your favorite funny actors and how they throw themselves into their performance with no reservation. Making those strong choices with confidence can make the difference between standing out and blending in.... read more

What is “Over the Top?”

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Blog

What is “Over the Top?” Have you ever heard the dreaded acting note, “Too big” or “Over the Top?” What does that even mean?! Especially when it comes to comedy finding a level that’s “just right” can be a struggle. We can tell when other actors are trying too hard, or pushing to get some emotion, and it just feels fake…but how can you tell when you’re doing it? And more importantly, how to avoid it? Watch today’s video to find out! What’s “Over The Top?” Do you have a system in place to test your choices, and find what’s “just right”? Leave a comment... read more

Win an audition class with 4-time Series Lead Wendy Davis

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Blog

The year is winding down and we wanted to find a way to celebrate our acting tribe and bring more like-minded actors together inside our Facebook group Get the Audition Book the Job. Pilot Season is just around the corner and we want to set you up for success in 2019 and beyond. At Acting Pros, our most successful students have an Audition Dream Team of supportive, like-minded actors. What’s an Audition Dream Team? It’s the people you call to run your audition (or especially last minute audition) with. The actors who speak the same language, are pulling for your success, and can help you discover the strongest audition choices (even when you’re short on time). And you’re there to do the same for them. The best part about your Audition Dream Team is that you can support one another from anywhere in the world (#thankyoutechnology). With your Audition Dream Team on your side, your acting success becomes a matter of when, and not if. Join our #AuditionTeamChallenge We’re launching a FREE Audition Team Challenge. Our goal is to bring 3,000 actors together inside of this inspiring, supportive, free online community. And…when we meet that goal there are prizes to be had! Yee haw! Prize #1 The first step to building your Audition Dream Team is speaking the same audition language. When our membership exceeds 3,000 people, every member of the group will get to participate in a free audition class taught by Wendy herself. In this class Wendy will share the exact audition technique she uses to book all her film and tv work. Prize #2 You can... read more

Denzel Washington vs. Jeffrey Wright In The Close Up

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Blog

This is the final chapter in our video series on How To Be Captivating In A Close Up. Mastering this intimate frame is crucial to your success as a film and tv actor. What works in a wide shot, or even a medium close up, simply will not work in an extreme close up. In today’s video Wendy breaks down how two phenomenal actors use their close up to tell a powerful story. See Denzel Washington and Jeffrey Wright in a scene from The Manchurian Candidate, and learn the 4 principles they use to create captivating close ups. Want more insider secrets and audition tools from 4-time Series Lead Wendy Davis? Get yourself into our Facebook Group by clicking here. Join here LIVE every Wednesday at 1pm pacific and get your audition questions... read more

Part 1: Play To Win At The Audition Game!

by | Jul 26, 2018 | Blog

Part 1: Play To Win At The Audition Game! Can you believe Episodic Season is already starting to pick up speed? Are you ready to play The Audition Game…And Win? If you’re getting in the audition room, but not booking as often as you’d like, The Audition Game just may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for. In this 4-part video series, I’ll let you in on the exact audition technique I use to book all my film + tv jobs (including my 7 Season Series Regular Role on Army Wives, and my latest role starring in OWN’s “Love Is…”). Ready to play? Check out today’s video to find out the BIGGEST MISTAKE actors make in their auditions, and what to do instead. Play The Audition Game…And Win! Use this simple, yet powerful mindset shift in your next audition! Leave a comment. Was this audition advice helpful to you? Want to learn more steps of The Audition Game? Come to the free Los Angeles workshop: Audition Secrets of A Series Regular Are you auditioning but not booking the job? Do you put a ton of pressure on yourself when an audition comes your way? Are your auditions so few and far between that it’s hard to ever get your audition groove on? What if you could learn a proven audition technique developed by a Series Regular, Wendy Davis, that will not only help you love auditioning, but can help you book the job? You’re in luck! The Audition Game is a step-by-step audition technique created by actress Wendy Davis (star of Lifetime’s Army Wives and currently starring on OWN’s “Love Is…”). The Audition Game technique helped Wendy... read more
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