Look at your audition sides

Being off book is the ideal scenario in every audition that comes your way.

But it isn’t realistic.

Sometimes you just can’t be off book. Whether you got the audition at the last minute, or the you’re preparing 11 pages of dialogue heavy scenes, there are times when you simply can’t memorize everything.

What to do?

Today’s video will show you what NOT to do…(and of course provide a solution).

Check it out below:

In the event that you can’t get off book in time for the audition, ACCEPT IT. Then don’t be afraid to look at your sides when you need to. It’s ok, we promise 🙂

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  1. I have been teaching a cold reading technique for the past 20 years which solves this problem.
    Teaching in Florida since 1985, I hold regular workshops on this exact thing. Just takes some practice.

    • I live in winter garden Florida how could l meet you

  2. Good video w/ good information, writing, casting, lighting, shooting and performances all good but sound NG, really pinned to point of discomfort that really took you out of the whole watching experience. Suggest you record w/ both a lav and boom mic and hire a decent sound guy who can do a nice-sounding stereo mix live, so you don’t wind up w/ unfixable-in-post, painfully overdriven audio in future.

    • I heard perfectly!!! Must be your system.

    • Agree with you wholeheartedly David. Sounds like a 20 ft ceiling and I don’t like the tie dye background and it looks like SD to me. Not a great thing to send to folks just learning to video their own auditions.

  3. Thanks so much!

  4. Very helpful. Thank you.

  5. Love it!!!! Thank you so much.
    I still get caught up with looking at my sides. I feel like I failed by looking at them.

  6. Excellent tip as always!! Thanks!!!


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