Know before you go

Have you ever been to a party, walked up to someone you’d never met before and said,
“Hi. I don’t know anything about you. But I really want you to like me.”

Probably not.

But when it comes to the audition process, this very same approach happens quite a bit.

When you get an audition, what steps do you take?

You probably learn your lines, make choices, rehearse, pick out your wardrobe.

But do you take time to know who you’re going in for?

If you skip this step, you’re in luck.

Today’s video shares some simple questions and easy steps you can take to “know before you go.”

Taking just a few minutes to research a teeny tiny bit about who you’re going in for will boost your audition confidence.

Know Before You Go

Remember, marketing is simply building relationships with people who need what you have.  The operative word being people.  When you can connect with a person in a genuine way, through common values (such as their body of work, your taste in films), you’ll worry less about “being liked” in the audition room.

The best relationships are peer to peer, and knowing before you go is the first step to creating a strong professional relationship that lasts.

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  1. Great information. I will definitely do my homework on casting before an audition.
    HOWEVER, I went on an audition last week and left feeling like a complete idiot. Why?? 1. because I totally misinterpreted the “sides”. the way I interpreted was obviously incorrect. 2. I’m wondering if I should have contacted my Agent for “script interpretation” because I did not feel clear. Anyway my audition was HORRIBLE.
    I realize this particular BLOG is more about home work for Casting…but WHEN do we call our Agent to ask questions about the audition script…or is it strictly our own responsibility????
    thank you.

  2. Great tips,very useful.Hearing alot about this lately.


  3. Awesome tips! Will definitely do this from now on!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I agree that social media can be such a powerful tool for actors, and we all need to take full advantage of it- makes it so easy for us!


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