It’s all about confidence in the audition room

What does it mean to have confidence in the audition room?

Do you set yourself up with an “if/then” equation?

If I memorize all my lines, then I’ll feel confident.”

“If I have enough time to prepare, then I’ll feel confident.”

Confidence isn’t a destination. It’s a way of being.

See what we mean in today’s video!

It’s All About Confidence

Now, what the actor did in his particular audition, may not fly in every casting office.  Not every casting director will let you play musical chairs with their furniture. In some cases, the big bold choice you prepared isn’t possible because the tripod is broken, or some other technical reason.

Remember that confidence is not about what you’re doing. It’s about how you’re doing what you’re doing.

Don’t talk yourself out of bold choices before you even get to the audition room. Just be willing to roll with the punches if the office can’t accommodate what you planned. Casting wants to see you take bold risks. It makes their job easier!



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  1. Thanks for this one Lilach. I have always been swayed away from those confident, bold moves by others in the industry, to my disagreement. It is awesome to really know they work when they are honest. 👌🏾


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