How To Handle One Line Auditions

Auditions with one line are tricky!

How do you craft a solid audition with so little to work with?

How do you avoid the common traps of doing way too much, or not enough?

Today’s video, featuring our Lead Instructor Lilach Mendelovich, will show you how to handle one line auditions.

Remember, the most important job you have with a one line audition is to move the story forward!

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  1. Really enjoyed the video! Thanks. If I am receiving emails from “Wendy Davis,” do I need to request “Get Free Audition Secrets,” or am I already on that list? Thanks, again. So grateful these videos are both instructive and very entertaining.

  2. Getting a backstory leading to his/her scene could provide clues/hints on how to perform the on line audition.

  3. You do have a fabulous blog thanks.

  4. Hello and thank you for this blog is a true inspiration..

    • Hope it helps.

  5. the challenge of course is that we only have sides and no context whatsoever as to how our scene is moving the story forward, or what the story is.

  6. This one helps me a lot, as I often forget it’s not all about me. I need to remember the line “less is more” more often.

  7. I think that last version that you guys had on the outtakes was one of my favorite!


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