Do you want to book work in film and television?

Successful film and television actors have something in common…they know how to make the camera fall in love with them!

Do you?

To be captivating on camera, whether in an audition situation or on set, you must be able to master the close up shot.

But it’s a Catch-22… How do you book a job without on-camera experience? And how do you get on-camera experience if you can’t book the job?

We can help!

Our 8-class workshop will teach you exactly how to make the camera fall in love with you so that your work is so compelling, casting (and your audience) can’t look away.

Get Ready For Your Close Up

Get Ready For Your Close Up

Acting on-camera is completely different from stage acting. We see countless actors come out of theatre programs who have no idea how to make the transition to on-camera work. Even fewer actors know how to create a captivating close up.

Even actors with on camera training don’t actually understand the key differences between the ever-important close-up and other scenes.

As an actor, you have to be able to modify your performance to fit the director’s frame size. What works in a medium shot won’t necessarily work in a close up. Part of your job is knowing how, to scale back your performance when the director pushes in for the close up (without losing any emotional impact).

This requires training and practice. And that’s where this class comes in.

Are you ready for that?

Introducing: How To Be Captivating In A Close Up

What is it?

This 8-class intensive training will teach you exactly what you need to know to create a powerful, captivating close up. Not only will you learn how to work the camera to support your performance, you will get up on your feet each week to put your skills to the test.

What can I expect from this class?

Each week you’ll prepare an audition scene to tape in class. The session will be run like a real audition. Then we’ll see the playback of every student’s audition. After customized feedback on your work, you’ll tape a second take.

Your audition scenes are chosen specifically to give you the biggest challenge to creating a powerful close up. Emotionally charged scenes tend to bring up your anxiety, facial tics and the tendency to over-express through your face.

By the end of class you’ll be able to create a powerful, captivating close up with any material.

Class size is limited to 12 so that you get the personal attention you need to thrive.


Meet Your Instructor

About Wendy Davis

Wendy is best known for her starring series regular role on Lifetime Television’s hit series “Army Wives”, which ran for 7 seasons (117 episodes). She was nominated for three Image Awards and a Spirit Award for her honest portrayal as Col. Joan Burton. Wendy has recurred on “Scandal”, and guest starred on “Castle”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”. She is currently starring on the OWN Network’s new show, Love Is…

Among her many TV and film credits are her series regular role on ABC’s “High Incident”, produced by Steven Spielberg, and a series regular role on “EZ Street”, produced by Academy Award winning writer/director of “Crash” – Paul Haggis. For a full list of Wendy’s credits, check out her IMDB.

Wendy is passionate about contributing to fellow actors. She owned and operated The Los Angeles Actors Center for several years, and even taught an acting class to a group of local actors on the Army Wives lot. Several of them are now working as professional actors.

“Helping fellow actors reach their professional career goals is important to me. I know what the current industry challenges are first hand so there is nothing theoretical about what I teach. My work as an instructor is based on techniques that get results.”

Choose Your Payment Option

Tuesday NIGHT Class

Class time: 7pm – 1opm

Class Dates

April 23, 30
May 7, 14, 21, 28
June 4, 11




No further payments



Then 2 monthly payments of $375

Thursday DAY Class

Class time: 11am – 2pm

Class Dates

April 25
May 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
June 6, 13




No further payments



Then 2 monthly payments of $375

Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable after 10 days from the date of registration. All students are responsible for complete payment of entire course, regardless of attendance.

Why does the Close Up Shot matter?

By the time you make it to set, you are expected to be a master of the close up shot. To create a thriving career in film and television, the close up shot is a must.

Once you get hired, the director, producer and the crew expect you to be 100% confident in your camera technique. There’s no time for them to teach you what you to do. In fact, I’ve seen people lose jobs because they didn’t know how to modify their performance for the close up.

In this day and age, you can’t afford NOT to master this skill set.

Once you do, it’s a breeze to match your performance to the frame size. Until you do, it will feel like a struggle.

The close up is so intimate, you will feel like you aren’t doing enough. When you don’t trust your own work, and you’re in the high-pressure situation of a professional set, that spells disaster.

Remember that the close up is also the moment when the audience gets to connect with your character in an intimate, deeply emotional way. If during the close up your performance is over the top, your face is overly tense, or any facial tics get the best of you, the audience will be kept at bay.

When the audience has the chance to fall in love with you, they will follow your work from project to project. This can make (or break) your career. Yes, the close up shot is that important!

From actor (and Acting Pros student) Ben Jurand, on his starring turn in the fan made TV Series Pilot “Fallout: Revelation” based on the Fallout universe.

Wendy, I want to thank you for your inspiration and clarity when addressing  the close up. A few days before filming your approach resonated with me and here is the result I would like to share with you.” -Ben Jurand

With over half a million views on the pilot episode, he must be doing something right! See the clip of Ben rocking his close up shot below:

Click Play for Wendy’s Close Up (from Lifetime’s Army Wives)

This is an especially emotional scene for my character. I am deploying and I don’t want to leave my family, most especially my newly adopted son.

The big trap in this scene is how emotional it is. Many actors feel like the more emotion they show, the stronger the performance. But in real life, we are usually trying to hide our emotions, to keep them from overpowering us.

What makes this close up work?

Maximum exposure of the eyes – this gives the audience a chance to connect.

Minimized movement – I chose to keep my head as still as possible so that I could my…

Movement forwards the story – When my son says, “Don’t forget me,” I let my head tilt down. Because all my other movement has been purposefully minimal, this movement takes on a greater significance and shows how hard it is for my character to be leaving.

I let my emotion come to the surface only once – At the end of the scene when we hug, I allow my emotion to bleed through. Although my son cannot see how overcome I am with emotion, the audience can. Because I spend the earlier part of the scene trying to keep my emotions in check, when I am overcome, that moment is even more powerful.

This program is FOR you if…

How To Be Captivating On Camera is for you if you’re ready to focus exclusively on using the camera to create a powerful close up performance and you also want to…

  • Learn the technical skill of on-camera acting in an extreme close up
  • Increase your ability to book film and tv roles
  • Understand your on-camera habits and how to modify them for a stronger performance
  • Master the skill of making the camera fall in love with you
  • Work in an intimate, hands-on, supportive environment where it’s safe to fall on your face (We’ll help you get back up again)
  • Put your auditions on tape to find out exactly how subtle and nuanced you can be in a close up
  • Have total confidence in your on-camera work, both in the audition room, and on set

This program is NOT for you if…

How To Be Captivation On Camera is not for everyone.  You must be willing to put in the work. If you’re looking for a magic pill, this class series is NOT for you.  It’s also not for you if…

  • You feel don’t have anything new to learn about on-camera acting
  • You hate deeply emotional scenes
  • You are lazy and unmotivated
  • You show up late, unprepared, and like to complain
  • You are not willing to watch playback of your auditions in a small group setting
  • You get defensive when given constructive feedback
  • You can’t (or won’t) take direction

Here’s what you’ll learn in How To Be Captivating In A Close Up

You will learn the 4 principles to creating a powerful close up performance:

  • Maximum Exposure Of The Eyes
  • Active Listening
  • Emotional Availability
  • Seamless Acting

Not only will you learn the theory behind these 4 principles, you will practice them each week. Seeing yourself on camera is the fastest way to learn what works, and how to modify what needs work.

This class is the place to go beyond your comfort zone in a supportive, constructive environment. By the end of the class, no matter what material comes your way, you will be ready to handle it like a pro. By enrolling in How To Be Captivating In A Close Up you will receive:

  • 8 in-person classes
  • A complete training in on-camera technique for the close up
  • Weekly audition scenes for you to prepare, just like a real audition
  • Customized feedback on your work
  • A second take for your audition (after feedback and direction)
  • Emotionally charged scenes to help you modify challenging scenes for a close up shot
  • A community of like-minded actors to test out your new on-camera skills with (during class and for future auditions)

Do you feel rusty about your on-camera technique? Are you making the transition from theater to on-camera work? Or maybe you’re just not auditioning as often as you’d like, and it’s time to master the camera once and for all…How To Be Captivating On Camera will give you the skills you need to thrive in any audition and on any set.

Plus, because this class is run like a real-world audition, you are working against your own personal standard.

Still not sure?

If you’re still wondering if this is the right class for you, ask yourself this:

How do you feel about your on-camera technique (if you have one)? Do you feel 100% confident pulling off an emotionally complex scene in an extreme close up?

If so, then you probably don’t need this class.

If you don’t have that total confidence, isn’t it time to master this skill? To have a successful career in film and television, you must understand how to create a captivating performance for the camera. It isn’t optional. It’s critical.

The thing about on-camera work is that you can learn it. It’s not rocket science. But it does take practice. Yes. You can probably learn this on your own through trial, error, embarrassing mistakes, and missed opportunities.

Or you can learn exactly what to do from someone who knows how.

Would it be worth it to you to walk away with a proven on-camera close up technique that helps you book the job and makes you stand out on set? Using this technique to book just one job, would pay back your investment and then some. Imagine two, three, or ten jobs.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out success stories below from actors just like you.

Are you ready to book more roles in film and tv?  Casting Directors and Directors don’t have time to teach you how to work the camera. When you come to the table with this skill under your belt, you increase your ability to book jobs, and you stand out on set!

What Others Say About Working With Us

Don’t just take our word for it…hear what our clients have to say!


“Wendy, Thank you for everything that you told me. You’ve given me so much in terms of tools to use as an actor and I USE THEM all the time! It means a lot.” Khalilah Joi

Winner of the 2014 ABC Talent Competition

“…my callback rate has doubled, and I am now on avail for a feature that Julienne coached me on.”

Don Balderamos

“The training I have received from Acting Pros has been priceless to me.  Even more important than my recent callbacks and bookings, are the confidence and fun I’m having when using The Audition Game!”

Delilah Andre

“You walk into the audition room already feeling like a confident, worthy, professional actor- a feeling which can’t be bottled, and which I believe is the difference between booking and not booking the job.

Wendy is a kind, clear, direct and brilliant teacher who really wants to see her students gain confidence, smash each audition and book the job, and she is relentless in her approach to helping you get there.


Evanna Lynch

I booked 3 jobs this month and I KNOW it has so much to do with all I learned at Acting Pros.  Playing the game has really helped with my confidence and BEING CLEAR IN THE ROOM.

Just wrapped a movie, shooting a short now and got to work with an Oscar nominee and starting a web series next week.  Plus I’m on avail for a national commercial.  Woo hoo!
I have been sharing the info with friends and they are booking too!  Thanks again for loving us actors and for all of the knowledge and blessings!”
Shelli Boone

“I have had such growth while learning from you in your class. I have not only gained solid skills for auditioning, but I discovered a confidence I was previously lacking.

While you are a great actress, you are also a great mentor. Whether you know it or not, you are a shining example of how a strong woman and mother succeeds! I have learned more than just The Audition Game. 🙂  I am so very grateful.”

Mandy Moody


“When I came to Audition Game Pro I was frustrated with my career and especially with auditions. I didn’t feel like I was bringing my A-game.  After the class, my world was rocked.

Everything has shifted for me. Mainly because it’s a very clear path to producing results, and I’m seeing the fruits of that. My confidence is much stronger, my feedback is incredible, and I’ve booked a recurring guest star TV role. The producers and writers all came up to me on set and told me how powerful my audition was, and I attribute that 100% to Audition Game Pro.”


Caryn Ward Ross

“Before I met Wendy I wasn’t confident about auditioning. I’ve been well trained for a while and knew that if I got on set I would do fine, but I didn’t know how to get on set. I didn’t know how to book the job.

I decided to take Wendy’s course, and man, it changed my life! I hadn’t auditioned for 9 months and my first audition after her class – I booked it! Feature film that shot in Nashville. Now I am a working actor. Wendy has given me a blueprint of how I can have a solid audition and go into the room confident knowing I’m going to do a great job. Thank you so much Wendy!”

Ryan Gunnarson

“Wendy’s spot on approach has helped me create auditions that work. Since training with her I’ve gained a level of confidence that makes auditioning exciting versus stressful. By using her technique I’ve seen that knowing my lines comes easier when I don’t focus on memorization but dig deeper into what and why the writer made her/his choices. She’s incredible at helping me get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I now have a process that works for me! I am extremely grateful for her sharing these golden nuggets. Thank you Wendy!”

Inetra Brazil

“Thank you so much! Your class has REALLY helped me! I got a theatrical agent with a scene from class AND I was put on avail for a tv movie in Atlanta.  Thanks again and hope to see you soon!”

Leslie Miller

“This was an exceptional class; it was a game-changer for me.  The confidence that this class has given me is extraordinary.  When I was considering taking the class, my reaction was – I can’t afford this.  That change to – I can’t afford not to!  I was right.  If you are serious, you should take this class.”

Alan Ramos

“I think you know how I’ve been raving about your Acting Pros class and sharing it with everyone I think could benefit from it. Just wanted to add….you were right…I booked something.  My first series regular role!!!!

I’m beyond excited about this new chapter in my life and I am grateful for the role you have played in my story.”

Carlease Burke

Series Regular on NBC'S Crowded

“Each week we learned a new aspect of doing close up work on film. Wendy went from the basics of defining the parameters of close up shots, importance of eyelines and head motions and how to utilize these aspects to create a dynamic scene with limited movement.  I came away understanding the importance of creating emotion and vulnerability in characters. This class helped me understand what mastery is, though I’ve a ways to go, but have the concepts and a beginning of execution.”

Kathleen Holland

“When shooting an episode for Being Mary Jane the director Neema Barnett told me she wanted an Extreme Closeup of me for this interview scene with Gabrielle Union. After shooting one I hear her screaming from Video Village in another room:  “Cut and print that sucka’, Doug gets it in one take!”  Gabby looks at me and says:  “Mr. Clutch”.”

Doug Olsson

“Wendy Davis’s Close Up Class was truly an eye opening experience.  This class is vital to the career of any actor that want’s to be on camera. All the great actors eventually get their close ups, and that’s where the stars are born. Plus Wendy has chosen such perfect scenes to sharpen up your close up, as well as engage you to show your vulnerability. (One of the 5 factors that help create a captivating close up! ) Rest Assured,  Wendy is a seasoned veteran in the industry.  If you have any interest in taking the class, go for it. She won’t let you down! I truly love Julienne’s energy. She bring so much passion and enthusiasm when she teaches…”

Ben Schyan