Get Real To Get Roles

Month To Month Class Series with Wendy Davis

Let Go Of  “Getting It Right” And Get The Job

Are you focused on getting your lines or performance perfect in auditions only to be disappointed? Do you bobble your lines, because you’re trying to say them just right? Are you afraid to blow it in the room?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I know the rest of that story… you’re not booking. Here’s why…

You’re focused on the wrong thing in auditions.

Trying to create perfect auditions actually stops you from doing that very thing. Without connecting to the reader, living moment to moment in your audition, nothing real or authentic is possible and your work falls flat.

When an actor gets too attached to what they’ve planned, their work is boring.  And boring doesn’t book the job!

This month-to-month class series is about getting real by living moment-to-moment in your work.

Are Your Auditions Riveting?

You break down your sides, you rehearse your scenes, then you try to execute your audition as planned.  There’s only one problem, great auditions can’t be executed. They can only be lived truthfully in the moment. That’s what makes an audition riveting!

Like any other acting skill, the art of “living truthfully” is a muscle that needs to be developed and maintained.

It’s so easy to get trapped in marking your beats, getting your lines perfect, and executing your plan, that you forget to bring the most important thing to the audition, YOU!

A “perfect” performance doesn’t move the audience.  You might “get it right,” but you won’t get the job.

The best acting is spontaneous, unpredictable and alive. The most successful actors never appear to be acting, but living in the moment. When an actor like this walks into the audition room, casting can’t look away.

How can you be this kind of actor? It’s time to get real.

That’s where I come in.

This class series will get you out of your head and into your heart and soul. Your auditions will focus on living moment-to-moment, making your work spontaneous, connected and real.

Introducing: Get Real To Get Roles

What is it?

This month-to-month class series will help you reset your habits by stripping away your desire to “act out the words.” It’ll push you past your comfort zone and help you get real. That means you are fully connected to your partner, your impulses, and you allow yourself to be vulnerable and available.

The best acting feels like it’s happening for the first time, every time.

Through repetition, connection and focus on your your partner, you will deepen your ability to live moment to moment and create compelling work under any circumstances.

What can I expect from this class?

Designed to get you away from planning, over thinking and executing scenes, all work is done in class. All you have to do is show up to class ready to work!

This class runs on a four-week cycle. Each week you’ll be paired with a partner and given a scene when you arrive. You will build the muscle of creating and living moment to moment, without the pressure of “getting it right.” As you become more confident in your creative impulses, you develop the skill of making the work your own – from a place of authenticity and truth that only you can bring.

Stop trying to get it right. Let go of what you planned. Learn to BE  – a connected, dynamic, complex human being living truthfully, moment to moment in your acting and auditions.

When you can get connected, drop in, and let go, we can’t take our eyes off of you and neither can they.

Class size is limited to 10 so that every actor gets personal attention s/he needs to thrive.


Wendy Davis_Actress_Audition_Coach

Meet Your Instructor

About Wendy Davis

Wendy is best known for her starring series regular role on Lifetime Television’s hit series “Army Wives”, which ran for 7 seasons (117 episodes). She was nominated for three Image Awards and a Spirit Award for her honest portrayal as Col. Joan Burton. Wendy has recurred on “Scandal”, and guest starred on “Castle”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”. She recently appeared in the MTV series “Sweet/Vicious.”

Among her many TV and film credits are her series regular role on ABC’s “High Incident”, produced by Steven Spielberg, and a series regular role on “EZ Street”, produced by Academy Award winning writer/director of “Crash” – Paul Haggis. For a full list of Wendy’s credits, check out her IMDB.

Wendy is passionate about contributing to fellow actors. She owned and operated The Los Angeles Actors Center for several years, and even taught an acting class to a group of local actors on the Army Wives lot. Several of them are now working as professional actors.

“Helping fellow actors reach their professional career goals is important to me. I know what the current industry challenges are first hand so there is nothing theoretical about what I teach. My work as an instructor is based on techniques that get results.”

Class Schedule

Next Class Dates

March 7, 14, 21, 28

Class Details

Location: Glendale, CA

Class Days: Wednesdays

Class Time: 7pm – 10pm

2017 Get Real Monday Night

You will automatically be billed every 30 days. 

We require 7 days notice to cancel your next payment.

1 Payment Of $285

Refund Policy: Class size is limited. Once you enroll, your spot is guaranteed. You may cancel enrollment up to 10 days before the first date of class and get a full refund.  If you cancel less than 10 days before the first date of class, you will NOT get a refund, but you may credit your full payment toward another class, product or services.

No refunds are given after the course begins with the exception of an illness that lasts throughout at least 50% of the scheduled class dates. Physician’s note will be required. The refund policy only applies under these circumstances and only for the classes missed due to the above reasons. There will be no make-up classes.

Why do I need this class?

When you focus on “getting it right,” you cut yourself off from your creativity, you can’t be spontaneous, and  your acting feels false. Worse than that, it feels forced. When you get trapped “playing an idea” you come across as an ACTOR WITH A CAPITAL A. We want to see a living, breathing human being on our stages and screens.

Technique, choices and preparation are extremely important to your acting success. But when you’re too attached to what you planned, we can spot your acting from a mile away. The best actors know when it’s time to let the preparation go and just BE.

It’s About What You’re Doing, NOT What You’re Feeling

Human beings focus on what they’re doing. Actors focus on what they’re feeling.  That’s why their work feels hollow. It’s based on showing, rather than simply being real.

In real life, when faced with a challenge or obstacle, we focus on how to get through it. We take action. We keep moving. In a script, then things go wrong, actors love to show you how much they feel about it.

“Look at how SAD I am!”

“See how hard I can cry!”

“Watch me feel ANGRY!”

How do you break this tendency to show your feelings and get real in your acting work?

This class will show you how.

You will learn to:

  • Create a fully realized human being by taking the focus off of yourself and onto what you’re doing
  • Connect with your partner (the critical element to getting real in your work)
  • Create moment to moment work that is captivating and unpredictable, with no preparation or rehearsal
  • Gain the confidence to work under any circumstances, especially unexpected ones. (New script? Different Character? No prep time? No Problem!)
  • Get out of your head and into the moment, where the magic happens
  • Be a vulnerable, spontaneous, captivating actor who gets booked again and again

This class is FOR you if…

Get Real To Get Roles is for you if you’re ready to stop acting, and start getting real, to become the kind of actor who can’t be ignored and you also want to…

  • Increase your ability to book film and tv roles
  • Create powerful work in the moment, no preparation necessary
  • Let go of playing an idea and learn how to get real – to captivate your audience
  • Create a seamless performance that feels like it’s the first time, every time
  • Work in an intimate, hands-on, supportive environment where it’s safe to fall on your face (I’ll help you get back up again)
  • Bring your unique truth and authenticity to your work, making you one of a kind and irreplaceable

This class is NOT for you if…

Get Real To Get Roles is not for everyone. You must be willing to let go of your desire to “act out the words” and create life beyond the script. It’s also not for you if…

  • You feel the need to control every aspect of your performance
  • You cannot work without an extended preparation
  • You are unwilling to work with a partner
  • You are disruptive to a class environment and not supportive of your fellow actors
  • You are looking for an on-camera class (we have other classes for that, but this not one of them)
  • You get defensive when given constructive feedback
  • You don’t take direction

Ready To Get Real? (And Start Getting Roles?)

When you know how to access your truth as an artist, to free fall, and create a living, breathing human being before our very eyes, you become bookable, sought after and unstoppable!


2017 Get Real Monday Night

You will automatically be billed every 30 days. 

We require 7 days notice to cancel your next payment.

1 Payment Of $285

What Others Say About Working With Wendy

Don’t just take my word for it…hear what my clients have to say!

“Grateful to Lilach and Wendy for helping me to shape my audition approach to focus on the elements that create a dynamic audition. Before Acting Pros, I had never booked a Sag TV project and I spent years frustrated trying to figure out why. At one point, I was getting amazing audition opportunities, but my game prep was not only exhaustive, but failing, despite spending money and years in various classes. Through Wendy and Lilach’s help, I realized it’s not that I was a “bad” actor (whatever that means #NegativeSctorSelfTalk); it was just that I didn’t have the right tools to play the game in the specialized world of the audition… Looking forward to continued progress with the Acting Pros approach! And sidenote: Wendy is HILARIOUS (I was not paid to say that…)”

Nathaniel Kweku

“I think you know how I’ve been raving about your Acting Pros class and sharing it with everyone I think could benefit from it. Just wanted to add… you were right… I booked something. My first series regular role!!!!

I’m beyond excited about this new chapter in my life and I am grateful for the role you have played in my story.”

Carlease Burke

Series Regular on NBC's Crowded

“Wendy’s spot on approach has helped me create auditions that work. Since training with her I’ve gained a level of confidence that makes auditioning exciting versus stressful. By using her technique I’ve seen that knowing my lines comes easier when I don’t focus on memorization but dig deeper into what and why the writer made her/his choices. She’s incredible at helping me get comfortable with the uncomfortable. I now have a process that works for me! I am extremely grateful for her sharing these golden nuggets. Thank you Wendy!”

Inetra Brazil

“This was an exceptional class; it was a game-changer for me. The confidence that this class has given me is extraordinary. When I was considering taking the class, my reaction was – I can’t afford this. That changed to – I can’t afford not to! I was right. If you are serious, you should take this class.”

Alan Ramos

Before I met Wendy I wasn’t confident about auditioning. I’ve been well trained for a while and knew that if I got on set I would do fine, but I didn’t know how to get on set. I didn’t know how to book the job.

I decided to take Wendy’s course, and man, it changed my life! I hadn’t auditioned for 9 months and my first audition after her class – I booked it! Feature film that shot in Nashville. Now I am a working actor. Wendy has given me a blueprint of how I can have a solid audition and go into the room confident knowing I’m going to do a great job. Thank you so much Wendy!”

Ryan Gunnarson

You walk into the audition room already feeling like a confident, worthy, professional actor- a feeling which can’t be bottled, and which I believe is the difference between booking and not booking the job.

Wendy is a kind, clear, direct and brilliant teacher who really wants to see her students gain confidence, smash each audition and book the job, and she is relentless in her approach to helping you get there.”

Evanna Lynch

“When I came to Audition Game Pro I was frustrated with my career and especially with auditions. I didn’t feel like I was bringing my A-game. After the class, my world was rocked.

Everything has shifted for me. Mainly because it’s a very clear path to producing results, and I’m seeing the fruits of that. My confidence is much stronger, my feedback is incredible, and I’ve booked a recurring guest star TV role. The producers and writers all came up to me on set and told me how powerful my audition was, and I attribute that 100% to Audition Game Pro.

Caryn Ward Ross

“Thank you so much! Your class has REALLY helped me! I got a theatrical agent with a scene from class AND I was put on avail for a tv movie in Atlanta. Thanks again and hope to see you soon!”

Leslie Miller

I booked 3 jobs this month and I KNOW it has so much to do with all I learned at Acting Pros. Playing the game has really helped with my confidence and BEING CLEAR IN THE ROOM.

Just wrapped a movie, shooting a short now and got to work with an Oscar nominee and starting a web series next week. Plus I’m on avail for a national commercial. Woo hoo! I have been sharing the info with friends and they are booking too! Thanks again for loving us actors and for all of the knowledge and blessings!”

Shelli Boone