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Go From Chasing Auditions...To Getting Straight Up Offers!

Let’s be real. You don’t care about auditions.

Picture this scenario.  I’m a high quality film producer, ready to go into production on my next feature film.  You are a fan of my work, and one of your goals is to work with me. I’ve already secured financing for my film, and there happens to be a leading role that you were born to play.

I reach out to offer you the part.

What do you do?

Insist that I let you audition first?

Of course not!

The truth is, that without a solid audition game plan, you’re done as an actor.  But, auditioning is not the only way to book the part.  

Yet, too many actors spend their time, energy, and money chasing after auditions rather than just pursuing the WORK.  


Because it feels like getting an audition is the only way to get your foot in the door.

But that  simply isn’t true.  Auditioning is one way in, but it’s not the only way.  And it may not even be the easiest way.

I’m going to show you how to go from chasing auditions, to getting straight up offers (without having to audition at all).

Introducing: Auditions To Offers

What is it?

This 4-part online video program is carefully designed to help you   expand beyond just chasing auditions and start focusing on the secret weapon to long-term career success…powerful relationships!

Think about it.

Successful actors follow a similar strategy:  They work with the same people over and over again.  They work on projects within a certain “wheelhouse” (that’s fancy producer-speak for genre, medium, style). And they rarely, if ever, have to audition.


Because they are already known, respected  and trusted by the people who can hire them.

While, you may not be an A-lister (YET), you can follow in the footsteps on the most successful actors in the business right now.  

But if you’re going to do that, you must learn how to make solid connections with the  decision makers in the business who can hire, write for, or collaborate with you.

I created the  Auditions to Offers course  to teach you how to identify, build and maintain they key  relationships that keep you working for the rest of your career.

Best of all, you don’t have to be an A-lister to work this process.  In fact, it’s the very system designed to make you a highly sought-after, in demand actor.



Now don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t audition.  You should take those opportunities when they come and audition your heart out!

Auditions are part of the process of getting seen becoming known. But they are not the only way to be seen.

But you need the right system to create opportunities on your own.  Opportunities that fast-tack you to being on the short list of the people in the business you admire most.

I want to help you go beyond the path of agents, casting directors and auditions, and start creating creative alliances with the people who can hire you (psst…agents and casting directors can’t actually hire you).

Yes, it’s helpful to have a good agent, and to be well known by casting directors.  But that’s not all there is to it. Whether you currently have representation or not, it’s in your best interest to build your own relationships that help you go from auditions to offers.

I’m here to show you exactly how to do that.

Meet Your Instructor

About Emily Grace

I help actors get in the driver’s seat of their career with marketing plans that work.  I am also an actor myself, so I get the actor’s mindset, struggles, fear, doubt and anxiety. And what I’ve learned in my years of experience in the entertainment industry is that talent is an amazing gift to have, but it isn’t the most important ingredient to acting success.

So what is the most important ingredient?

It’s marketing.  It’s business savvy.  It’s having a plan that gets results, and putting that plan into persistent action long enough for it to get results. I’ve got a unique perspective – I’m a Sundance award-winning actor, a writer, entrepreneur, and a producer. I’ve been on both sides of the table, and I know what works (and what doesn’t).

I teach actors how to think like a producer, so they can act for a living. Yes, you want to be creative, free, and fulfilled.  But what good is your acting talent if no one knows about you? It’s time to get out of acting class and into the business where offers are made, deals go down, and you get paid to do what you love.

If you’ve got the talent, the training, the drive and the determination, but no one took the time to teach you the business and marketing, that’s where I come in!

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The entertainment industry is built on relationships. When there’s money on the line and reputations as stake, people want to work with one type of person…someone they can TRUST.

When you are the person who has that trust, it’s easy  to get hired without an audition. It helps everyone save time, money, and with less stress.


I was inspired to create this program after listening to a panel that featured Alex Karpovsky. He plays Ray on HBO’s “Girls.” At the time, I had never heard of him.

When the moderator asked him if preparing an audition for HBO was different than preparing for other kinds of auditions.

His answer was,

“Actually, I didn’t have to audition. In fact, until recently, I had never auditioned for anything in my life.”

No audition necessary? For a recurring role on a hit cable network? For an unknown actor with zero television credits?

How did this happen?!?!?

I’ll tell you…

(I bet you can see where this is going…)

It happened because he had a strong relationship with the creator of “Girls,” Lena Dunham. They had met years before at a film festival, liked each others’ work, and became friends.

When “Girls” got picked up at HBO, Lena Dunham got final casting approval, and was able to directly hire people she trusted, no audition necessary.

Alex’s story could be yours.  You just need to know how to meet the right people and stay connected to them in a real, trust-building way.

That’s exactly why I created Auditions to Offers.  It’s designed to give you the step by step system to bypass the audition process and simply accept offers instead.


How Auditions to Offers Works

Once you enroll you will have instant access to the entire online program. That includes all the step-by-step training videos, done-for-you templates, resource lists, worksheets and bonus videos that will show you how to focus on the actions that get results.

This is not busy work.  This is the art of relationship building.

You won’t just be learning what to do, but you’ll actually be taking action throughout the course.  Because knowing what to do isn’t enough.  You must take action (and keep going) to get results.

With lifetime access to the course, you can go at your own pace and revisit the material anytime from anywhere.

Who is this program for?

I know you’re a busy actor and where you put your money is important to you.  And not every program is a right fit. So to help you make the best decision for your career and your needs, let me tell you exactly who I had in mind when I created this Auditions to Offers.

This program is FOR you if:

  • You have serious acting chops – whether solid training, professional experience, or both
  • You’re ready to branch out beyond casting director relationships
  • You KNOW you should be marketing your acting career but you’re not sure what to do
  • You don’t want to wait for things to happen, you make them happen!
  • You have some professional relationships that could be stronger, and/or you’re ready to build more
  • You are a content creator with a current or upcoming project
  • You are a bold, fast-action-taker

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You want a magic pill. Relationship building doesn’t happen overnight.
  • You think your representation should “take care of this stuff for you”
  • You’re in it for the fame
  • You do not have training or professional experience
  • You are a lazy complainer who doesn’t want to work hard

Here’s what you’ll learn in Auditions to Offers

How to get hired again and again (even without having to audition at all).  By enrolling in Auditions To Offers you will receive:
  • 4-Module Auditions To Offers Video Training
  • Goal clarity on what kind of work you really want to be doing
  • Resources and step-by-step videos to connect with the people who can hire you
  • Expert advice on communication that works
  • Tools to create marketing material that rocks
  • Easy to follow templates for outreach and follow up
  • Goal setting tools (and accountability) to help you stay on track
  • Exclusive, members-only website
  • Lifetime access to all material
  • All future program updates for FREE

Lifetime Access

Once you join this program, you’re in it for life. Not only do you get lifetime access to our facebook group and the course material, you also get all future program updates…FREE!  The access to all future program updates, by itself, makes it worth the price of enrollment.

Even More Goodies For You


Bonus Video Series: The Secret To Getting It All Done

You’re a busy person with a hectic life.  I get it.  Sometimes the “to do list” can be overwhelming.  But unless you put these strategies into action, they won’t make a difference in your career.  That’s why I’m letting you in on the best secrets I have to getting it all done.  Knowing exactly how to do this in your own career will save you time, money and frustration and help you get back to enjoying life!

Bonus Interview: You Gotta Tell It To Sell It!

How To Promote Yourself Like A Hollywood Star

Gayl Murphy is “The Celebritizer!” Sought-after Hollywood correspondent, media expert, media and presentational coach, speaker and author of “Interview Tactics! How To Survive The Media Without Getting Clobbered!”

Have you ever tried to tell someone about yourself and when you opened your mouth, somebody yelled, “CUT”…or WORSE? When it comes to promoting and marketing yourself and your business, it’s imperative you can convey clearly and concisely ‘who you are”, and “what you do’ each and every time you need to. In this bonus talk Gayl will teach the 4-“Talk Show” questions you will always be asked each and every time you take a meeting, network, or meet someone new…and how to answer them like a pro!

Bonus Audio: From Wendy Braun’s Actor Inspiration


Wendy Braun is a working actress and creator of “Actor Inspiration.” Her guided meditation and visualization audios are used by actors all over the world.

During the Auditions To Offers program, you will be taking risks that may be uncomfortable. You’ll be connecting with people you admire, asking for meetings, and clearly asking for what you truly want. That can be scary! Wendy’s meditation to the rescue…because lasting success begins + end’s with one’s mindset.

When you join Auditions To Offers, you’ll also get Wendy’s powerful guided meditation, “I am worthy.”

This Guided Meditation/Visualization Session will help you:

  • Discover where you learned you were unworthy
  • Clear blocks that are keeping you from moving forward
  • Tap into the unlimited possibilities ahead for you.
  • Upgrade your thinking + beliefs about what you deserve.
  • Expand your feelings of worthiness + feel inspired to take action.

When you discover your infinite worth, you open the door to unlimited possibilities.

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Sale ends on JULY 20. Grab yours now.

Best Value

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What others say about working with Emily...

“This course really clicked with me…I feel clarity and confidence in who I am and what I bring to the table. I feel like suddenly I have a lot more of my career in my own hands.  Thanks so much, Emily. You do great work. :-)”

Rebecca Weaver

“I have learnt that it takes time to trust and develop relationships and not to be in such a rush. I feel less afraid to ask for what I want, not worried if something doesn’t work out, and more picky about who I want to choose to work with. It’s a great way to get hold of your career, to think out of the box, to be reminded of how to connect with people and to relax! Thank you Emily! I really loved this class and am very grateful to you.”

Jumaan Short

“I was totally guilty of the “spaghetti syndrome” – throwing everything to the wall and seeing was would stick. Now I have a specific, systematic approach. I definitely feel less overwhelmed. I’ve always struggled with perfectionism and wanting to do EVERYTHING. Marketing and networking are not words that fill me with dread anymore. I actually wake up feeling excited about my marketing thanks to Emily.”  

Rachel Errington

“I am taking a whole different look into marketing…this class is such an eye-opener, it’s something everyone should know. (I can’t say about many classes).” -Gerson Gomez

Gerson Gomez

“I’m even more focused than before because I have even more clarity about what I want to do and with whom. I feel more confident in contacting people because I know what to say and how. This course is so empowering for actors. I think it can be used to help accomplish any goal an actor might have.”

India Autry

“Emily is helping with that “spaghetti syndrome” I’ve had as well as given me powerful organizational tools to stay on track.  I no longer feel like I have to conquer the world…like in the next 10 minutes, and I don’t feel overwhelmed.  I know what I need to do next.  I would definitely recommend Emily’s courses.  It will help keep the career momentum going.  When the ball gets dropped, whether be for a family emergency or other reasons, I feel like I fail.  So continuing the learning curve as well as applying it to the things I’m working on is extremely helpful.  The information contained in her courses also helps demystify building an internet presence for advertising as well as providing great examples of what works and what is not working.”

Mary Riitano