Don’t Make Sh*t Up!

When you have an audition, how do you create a powerful story? Where do you find the emotional hook? What steps do you take to embody a fully realized character?

In some cases, I see actors pull a backstory out of thin air.

It’s important to use your imagination to create a unique audition. But don’t make sh*t up that has nothing to do with the script.

Here’s what to do instead…

Don’t Make Sh*t Up

Remember to use what’s on the page to influence your imagination and backstory. Ask yourself: What is the writer’s intention in this particular scene? How can my choices help tell that story in a clear and compelling way?

Leave a comment. How do you create strong choices when you don’t have much to go on? How do you avoid the trap of pulling random ideas out of thin air?


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  1. I love it when beautiful women are funny… Great information though. Thank you

  2. I always love your blogs. Thanks for another great one!

  3. I just had a private with Lilach and I was talking about the janitor whose cleaning my classroom and will be done at 7:45 am. She’s like, “what”?! Lol. Okay I knew I had to back up and I had let my imagination go a little too far. This was a great video both informative and charming. Thanks Wendy! We love you, the studio and all of its instructors. Shout out to Emily!

  4. You are good at acting like a crazy actor making up their own story about a one line audition. LOL! I try to work first on the relationship between the two people talking and then go from there.

  5. Thanks I NEEDED that! Anyone who’s in my category & hasn’t taken audition pros classes, unfortunately, sure makes it so much easier for me to keep booking jobs. I don’t know what else to say.


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