Don’t Let Your Audition Sides Throw You

What happens when an audition comes your way?

You get excited!


You move your schedule around to make time to prepare.

If the role is a good one, you might start imagining how you’re life is going to change once you book this part.  Maybe you start spending money you don’t have (in your mind, anyway).

In some cases you may even start getting emotionally attached to the outcome of this audition.

One thing is for sure – an audition opportunity can put you into a heightened emotional state.  When that happens, your common sense could very well fly out the window.

And when the audition excitement takes over logic, small oversights (like the topic of this week’s video), can really throw you.

Here’s how NOT to handle your audition sides:

Staple your pages.  It’s a simple but powerful audition tip.  When that opportunity shows up, don’t let the little things throw you!


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