Don’t blow it at the table read

You prepare for the audition, nail your callback, and finally get the winning phone call: You booked the role!

The hard work is done and it’s time to sit back and relax, right?


Many actors fall into the trap of assuming that since they booked the part it is theirs to keep. In reality there is one major step between booking and that coveted #SetLife:

The Table Read

The table read is where all the casting pieces (actors) come together and the creators of the project finally get a cohesive picture of how the script will play.

For the producers, writers, and directors this isn’t a simple meet and greet. It is the LAST CHANCE to make tweaks to the project before shooting starts. Those tweaks can be to the script…or the cast.

There are so many heartbreaking stories about actors who finally booked to the job only to be replaced after the table read. This happens all the time in comedies (if you can’t make the joke work they will find someone who will), and even in dramas.

So what can you do to make sure you keep that role you worked so hard to book?

Treat the table read like another step of the audition process!

Know the script

Come in with a full understanding of the material

Make strong choices

This is no casual rehearsal for discovery.

Look the part

Are you playing a surgeon? Don’t show up in jeans and a v-neck.

Did you do full hair and make up for your audition? Bring that look back to the table read!

Your work will pay off

When you put in the work, you get to keep the part. And in some cases, find that your role has been expanded!

We’ve heard from 2 different students in the past month who got more scenes after the table read because the show-runners liked what they were doing at the read.

Do you think that happened because they decided to “wing it” at the table read? Hell no! They treated it like their job depended on the quality of their work.

Once you book the job, don’t let your hard-won opportunity slip away by slacking off. Be prepared and bring your best work to the Table(read)!

Leave a comment. How do you prepare for the table read?

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