Jakeem Hawkins

Congrats Jakeem on booking a lead in the independent horror feature Demon Star!

Don Balderamos

Go get it Don! Don just booked a costar on the upcoming show For the People.

Tarina Pouncy

Tarina is on fire! She booked a costar on This Is Us, a recurring on Goliath, and costars on The Last Ship and Superstore as well.

Tarina is an alumni of the Audition Game Pro and Find The Funny classes.

Becki Dennis

Becki has been a booking machine, snagging costars on Goliath,  Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.,  Shameless,  Life In Pieces,  Jane the Virgin,  How to Get Away with Murder,  I’m Sorry,  GLOW, and Fresh Off the Boat.

Julienne Irons

Congrats to Julienne on booking costars on Atlanta, and the upcoming Shonda Rhimes show For The People.

Monique Marie Gelineau

Congratulations Monique for booking a costar on The Young and the Restless ! Keep up the great work!

Samantha Jean

Congratulations to Samantha for booking a major role in a Feature Film. She was cast as a lead in Beyond Skyline .

Doug Olsson

Doug is back at it again with guest stars on American Crime Story and Macgyver !

Olivia Mekdara

Congrats to Olivia for booking costars on Worst Birthday Ever and Kevin Probably Saves the World.

Jan Haley

Jan just booked a Guest Star on the CBS show The Inspectors ! She auditioned for a costar but they liked her audition so much, they gave her a Bigger Role!



Ben Jurand

Ben put Wendy’s tips on closeups to good use in this Pilot for a Fallout series!

George Hale

George plays the role of Steve in Van Ness Avenue. Directed by Jamal Hall, and written by Racquel Bailey, Jamal Hall and Marlon Perrier, the short film was recently accepted into the Cannes Film Festival!

George is currently studying in our Audition Game Pro class with Lilach Mendelovich.

Nicole Gutteriez

After coaching with Lilach Mendelovich for the ABC Discovers talent competition, Nicole is now a finalist!

Congrats Nicole, we hope you win it all!

Jeniffer Behrens

Congrats Jennifer, for booking a Co-Star on East Los High and a McDonald’s Commercial!!

Jennifer is studying with Lilach Mendelovich in the Audition Game Pro class.

Jesse Wang

Jesse booked a supporting role in the feature film 5th of July! Congrats Jesse!

Harry Davis

Congrats to Harry for booking a FORD commercial!

He is currently studying with Lilach Mendelovich in our Audition Game Pro class.

Alexander Roberts

Congrats to Zander for booking a Leading Role in a feature film!!

Alexander is currently in the Master class with Wendy Davis after completing Audition Game Pro with Lilach Mendelovich.

Lauren Olipra

After studying with Lilach Mendelovich in the Audition Game Pro class, Lauren booked a Co-Star on Lifetime’s Devious Maids!

Erick Chavarria

Erick booked a Guest-Star on The Grinder, and a Supporting Role in the Feature film Office Christmas Party starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman!

Erick studied with Lilach Mendelovich in our Audition Game Pro class.

Doug Olsson

Doug is on a roll. After studying in our Audition Game Pro class with Lilach Mendelovich, he booked Guest-Star roles on Scandal and NCIS!

He is currently in the Get Real To Get Roles class with Wendy Davis.

Peggy Lu

Peggy is a booking machine! She recently booked Guest-Star roles on TransparentSurviver’s Remorse and Rizzoli & IslesAND a supporting role in the feature film Goodbye, Felix Chester!

Peggy is currently in our Master class with Wendy Davis, after completing Audition Game Pro with Lilach Mendelovich.

Carlease Burke

Carlease booked a SERIES REGULAR role NBC’s Crowded. This brand new comedy will debut its first two episodes Tuesday March 15. Carlease has worked with marketing expert Emily Grace, and studied Audition Game Pro with Wendy Davis. Congrats on your well-deserved success, Carlease!

Carol Mack

Carol just booked a 4 day Co-Star on “The Odd Couple” and a national commercial campaign for FORD! We can’t wait to see your Dance moves, Carol!

Becki Dennis

Within a few months of graduating from Audition Game Pro Becki booked 3 Co-Stars on TV shows including Pretty Little Liars and Speechless.

Doreene Hamilton

Congrats on booking a Co-Star on a TV show.

Aziza Scott


Aziza used Audition Game Pro in her audition and booked a recurring Guest-Star on Freeform’s The Fosters.

Nathaniel Kweku

A few days after learning the secrets to co-star auditions in our Audition Game Pro class, Nathaniel has booked FOUR costars, including Rosewood(Fox), Pure Genius (CBS), Lopez (TV Land), and Startup (Crackle). Congrats Nathaniel!

Poonam Basu

Poonam booked a Co-Star on Baskets opposite Louie Anderson!

Poonam is a graduate of Audition Game Pro.

Andrea Savo

Andrea Savo booked a recurring role on General Hospital!

Andrea is a graduate of Audition Game Pro!

Laura Lee Walsh


Laura Lee booked the lead in a short film!

Laura is a current student of Audition Game Pro.

Stephanie Charles

Stephanie just booked her first series lead! Details under wraps!

Stephanie is an alumni of Audition Game Pro and current student in Masters Class.