Audition Game Pro

The next 12-week series begins February, 2019

Want to learn audition secrets of a Series Regular?

Are you getting in the room for your auditions but not booking?

Do you put a ton of pressure on yourself when an audition comes your way?

What if you could learn a proven audition technique developed by a Series Regular that will not only help you love auditioning again, but can help you book the job?

You’re in luck!

I’m Wendy Davis, actress and audition coach.  You may know me from my work on Army Wives.  For 7 seasons I starred on Lifetime’s hit show as Colonel Joan Burton.

Want to know how I landed that job?

I played The Audition Game.

The Audition Game is a technique I developed because I wasn’t booking any jobs.

Before I became a working actress, I was a struggling actress

When I first got to LA, my auditions were few and far between.  My callback rate was below 20%.  Why?  Because I knew how to craft a strong performance, but not how to craft a powerful audition.

BIG Difference.

I knew that if things continued, I wasn’t going to book any acting work and I could kiss my dream goodbye.

I sure as heck didn’t move 3,000 miles across country for that!

Luckily for me, I met a young film director who taught me how to look an audition from the point of view of the filmmaker.  This opened my eyes to everything I had been missing!

I had been so focused on learning my lines, deciding how I was going to play my character, me me me me.  I wasn’t even aware that there was a big picture, and I certainly had given no thought to what the writer had intended.

No wonder I wasn’t booking.

Through working with this director, I learned how to audition like a pro.

Within a year of learning this new technique, I booked my first big job – a Series Regular on Steven Spielberg’s High Incident.

I went from having almost zero television credits to a Series Regular practically overnight

It wasn’t because I had become a better actor.  I just knew how to play The Audition Game…and win!

After I began working regularly, all my actors friends wanted to know HOW I was booking so many jobs. I’m not one to keep a good thing all to myself.  I wanted to help my friends enjoy the same kind of success I was creating.

That is how I developed the Audition Game Pro class series.

Ready to join this 12-week program?

Audition Game – Los Angeles Classes

What is it?

The Audition Game is a unique step-by-step system, an exact blueprint that guides you precisely in, what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, so you deliver exactly what producers and casting directors are looking for: engaging, outstanding, memorable auditions – every single time.

What can I expect from class?

In this 12 week series, you’ll download an audition scene each week from our website up to 48 hours before your class. When you arrive, you will sign in just like you would at a real audition.  Your Acting Pros Instructor will act as the “Casting Director” and put your audition on tape. After all actors have auditioned, we watch them from the producer’s point of view. This is an excellent way to decide for yourself what makes an audition really stand out. We go over the Audition Game as a group, so that you learn exactly how to break down a film/tv scene effectively. Finally, we create an engaging, effective audition as a group using the Audition Game to train you exactly how to create simple yet powerful auditions. The skills you learn here will increase your confidence and ability to stand out in both taped and in-person auditions increasing your callback and booking rate.

Meet Your Instructors

Wendy Davis – Creator Of Audition Game Pro

Wendy is best known for her starring series regular role on Lifetime Television’s hit series “Army Wives”, which ran for 7 seasons (117 episodes). She was nominated for three Image Awards and a Spirit Award for her honest portrayal as Col. Joan Burton. Wendy has recurred on “Scandal”, and guest starred on “Castle”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”. She recently wrapped the feature film “I Know Where Lizzy Is”. Among her many TV and film credits are her series regular role on ABC’s “High Incident”, produced by Steven Spielberg, and a series regular role on “EZ Street”, produced by Academy Award winning writer/director of “Crash” – Paul Haggis. For a full list of Wendy’s credits, check out her IMDB. Wendy is passionate about contributing to fellow actors. She owned and operated The Los Angeles Actors Center for several years, and even taught an acting class to a group of local actors on the Army Wives lot. Several of them are now working as professional actors. “Helping fellow actors reach their professional career goals is important to me. I know what the current industry challenges are first hand so there is nothing theoretical about what I teach. My work as an instructor is based on techniques that get results.”

Lilach Mendelovich

Lilach is an actress, audition coach, and award winning screenwriter. She is a graduate of UCLA’s prestigious school of Theater, Film, and Television. Having been personally trained by Wendy Davis, Lilach is a master of The Audition Game. Her students regularly book high profile film and telelvision work using the tools they learn in Audition Game Pro. Lilach’s experience in front of and behind the camera gives her a vast and well rounded base to help actors reach their potential.

As Lead Instructor at Acting Pros she is also responsible for training and developing the rest of the teaching staff.

Audition Game Pilot Season 2019 Class Schedule

Each class is limited to 12 people.

You will have at least one “Producer Session” with Wendy during your 12-week series. It will be a surprise 🙂

All classes are located in Glendale, CA.

Choose Payment Option

***Note – You must commit to ONE class day + time. Class size is limited so that every actor gets a chance to work each class. You cannot switch between classes without approval.****

Wednesday DAY Class

Class time: 11am-2:30pm

2019 Class Dates

February  27
March 6, 13, 20, 27
April  3, 10, 17, 24
May 1, 8, 15

Wednesday Day 1-Pay

No futher payments

Wednesday Day 3-Pay


Saturday DAY Class

Class time: 1pm-4:30pm

2019 Class Dates

February  16, 23
March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
April  6, 13, 20, 27
May 4

Saturday Day 1-Pay


Saturday Day 3-Pay


Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable after 10 days from the date of registration. All students are responsible for complete payment of entire course, regardless of attendance.


What Others Say About Working With Us

Don’t just take our word for it…hear what our students have to say!

Stephanie Charles BOOKED her first SERIES REGULAR!

“Loved working with Lilach. I felt so confident walking into my audition I wasn’t even nervous. Thank you for helping me breakdown the scene and bring it to life. You’re an amazing coach and actress!”

Makena Taylor

“I have had such growth while learning from you in your class. I have not only gained solid skills for auditioning, but I discovered a confidence I was previously lacking.

While you are a great actress, you are also a great mentor. Whether you know it or not, you are a shining example of how a strong woman and mother succeeds! I have learned more than just The Audition Game. 🙂  I am so very grateful.”

Mandy Moody

“Thank you for everything that you told me.

You’ve given me so much in terms of tools to use as an actor and I USE THEM all the time! It means a lot.”

Khalilah Joi

Winner of the 2014 ABC Talent Competition

“The training I have received from Acting Pros has been priceless to me.  Even more important than my recent callbacks and bookings, are the confidence and fun I’m having when using The Audition Game!”

Delilah Andre

“Thank you so much! Your class has REALLY helped me! I got a theatrical agent with a scene from class AND I was put on avail for a tv movie in Atlanta.  Thanks again!”

Leslie Miller

Lilach is sincere, passionate and generous with her knowledge. She speaks the language that’s easy to understand and provides a safe environment where I don’t feel judged.  Now I am more calm and present at auditions because she has given me a way of doing things – especially how to begin and end each audition.”

Peggy Lu

“The Audition Game is a technique that completely altered my view of auditioning and helped remove the anxiety I used to have. From breaking down the script to honing in on important aspects to focus on in the audition setting, I learned tools that helped me identify my strongest tools for auditions and helped me to be successful on set. Additionally, Wendy’s closeup class is invaluable. I was honestly hesitant to enroll in these classes but my first booking alone paid for my audition class…I booked three co-stars this fall, had one additional pin and booked two theatre productions. My callback ratio has also increased by leaps and bounds. Lilach is an amazing coach and teacher and Wendy is insightful and inspiring.

Kenneth Mosley

“Acting Pros! This school has help me understand how to break down a scene and at the same time know how to still tell the same story in the audition room. And Lilach is such a great teacher and she does not let things slide. Hands down, one of THE BEST audition class out there!

Stephanie Charles

“Have seriously had so many breakthroughs as a result of using this approach. Grateful for Lilach and the Acting Pros Approach- it’s one thing to take years of scene study and another to develop an approach for auditions. In class, we’ve covered everything from one-liners which can be tricky to monologues. As a result, I booked my first network co-star! So many good things to say about Acting Pros!

Nathaniel Kweku

“I have to admit it has been a long while since I have taken an acting class, because they all seem so repetitive.  Acting Pros is the difference!  It’s learning how to use a calculated  process that gets you the job.  How do I know? I book a job applying their audition technique and I was just in week 3 of the class!

Lilach is on point with the breaking down of the scene using their approach. It’s different than anything else I have studied.  It is such a powerful learning experience,and once you get it down, it changes the game for you.  Which is why I guess they call it the audition game!

Thank You Acting Pros!

Doreene H.

“Acting pro’s provides the specific tools and the practical application practice required to tease apart the specifics of a scene to move your audition from just showing up to bringing YOUR best self into the rooms.  Furthermore, when I had a personal family tragedy to deal with in real life, they provided sensitive flexibility to help me work out a solution to continue this work that was humane, demonstrating their commitment to caring for the actors growth and development, not just a job.  You get more than you pay for with these Pro’s!!

Kathleen Holland

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to the Acting Pros ladies, because I was just cast in my 1st two leading roles in feature films, one shooting in LA and one shooting this fall in New Mexico! For one of the audition process, I had to self tape a very physical and emotional scene, and thanks to your audition game classes, I knew how to work around a near impossible action packed script and find the key points to work on! I had an amazing 12 weeks learning from you guys in the Audition Game course, so thank you for equipping me with those 9 steps! It really came into play!

Samantha Jean

“YEARS of taking acting classes and would constantly walk away from auditions feeling like something was missing from my performance. Yes, I booked work, but I was never as prepared, confident or pleased with the work I was doing in the casting office until taking classes at Acting Pros. I took the “Audition Game Pro” class and “Comedy” class with Lilach and it completely changed my approach to auditioning… After coaching with Lilach, I booked a role where the casting director’s exact words were, “why have I not seen you before?!” (that was an awesome feeling!). The “How to Be Captivating in a Close-Up” class with Wendy Davis has also been life changing for me. I am more aware of my movements and have the tools to continue to build my skills specifically while in CUs and ECUs.

I actually cried after the Audition Game Pro orientation because I had heard of Wendy’s classes but never went. After the orientation, I KNEW that the Audition Game Pro was going to be a class that would help me create powerful and specific performances. So glad I finally took this class!”

Tarina Pouncy

“I know this class is considered an “audition” class but for me, it is more so a “booking” class.  Studying with Acting Pros has taught me how to book casting offices and roles.  I floundered for years with my auditions and never reached a level of consistently booking roles.  I also never felt like I booked the “office,” which is also a very important thing to do.  You might not be right for that particular role but if you book the casting office they will have you in again and again.  If you can get yourself to that level then the bookings will start to follow.
Acting Pros trains you how to approach a script and really dive into it.  You learn how to take it line by line and find meaningful information that will set your audition apart from the others.  Also, since you are on camera each week you learn techniques for making your performance memorable.  The friendship and camaraderie are also a huge plus.  Everyone is extremely friendly and supportive.  It is a very safe place to practice.
I used to be terrified to go on auditions.  I was super happy to be called in but always rushed my scene and couldn’t wait to be on my way home.  It was because I lacked confidence.  I knew I could do the role, but I didn’t know how to audition.  Now I can’t wait to get into the room and show them what I’ve got.  I make sure to use all of my audition time with confidence, and I know that I won the audition game when I leave.  After that, I forget about it and look forward to the next one.  Because I know that I did a great job and I know I will get booked when I’m perfect for the part.
Since studying with Lilach I have booked many casting offices, booked a feature film role, and I just shot my first guest star role for a CBS show in South Carolina.  Lilach directed and recorded my self-tape to send to a Southeast casting director and I booked it.
​I’m so happy I met this amazing group of women.  I highly recommend Acting Pros.”

Jan Haley-Soule

“When I came to Audition Game Pro I was frustrated with my career and especially with auditions. I didn’t feel like I was bringing my A-game.  After the class, my world was rocked.

Everything has shifted for me. Mainly because it’s a very clear path to producing results, and I’m seeing the fruits of that. My confidence is much stronger, my feedback is incredible, and I’ve booked a recurring guest star TV role. The producers and writers all came up to me on set and told me how powerful my audition was, and I attribute that 100% to Audition Game Pro.”

Caryn Ward Ross

I booked 3 jobs this month and I KNOW it has so much to do with all I learned at Acting Pros.  Playing the game has really helped with my confidence and BEING CLEAR IN THE ROOM.

Just wrapped a movie, shooting a short now and got to work with an Oscar nominee and starting a web series next week.  Plus I’m on avail for a national commercial.  Woo hoo!
I have been sharing the info with friends and they are booking too!  Thanks again for loving us actors and for all of the knowledge and blessings!”
Shelli Boone

Thank you so much for your help on my last audition. I took your excellent notes to create two very different takes (they asked for two) and sent my work in.

First thing the next day my agent calls to say not only is it down to me and one other guy, but it’s actually a recurring role!

Jonathan Strait

“So grateful for this class!! Seriously has given me incredibly practical tools to make sure I feel confident in every audition. My bookings have increased and I know it’s directly attributed to what I’ve learned in class. Lilach is VERY good at analyzing the text. She sees things that I completely overlook. Highly suggest this class if you’re feeling nervous in the audition room or simply want to exercise that audition muscle more.”

Yvonne Senate

“Lilach is absolutely amazing to work with! Not only does she help you think outside the box and bring something to casting directors that they have not seen but she makes you confident and believe in yourself without a doubt. She adjusts her coaching per person so she gets the best out of you. Everyone works differently and she sees that. She wants you to succeed! She encourages you, helps you find your own answers thus helping your over all acting. I would recommend her a 1000X over.”

Aerial Cox

“This was an exceptional class; it was a game-changer for me.  The confidence that this class has given me is extraordinary.  When I was considering taking the class, my reaction was – I can’t afford this.  That change to – I can’t afford not to!  I was right.  If you are serious, you should take this class.”

Alan Ramos

“If you want to learn how to streamline your audition process this is the place for you.”

Gogo Lomo-David

“After taking the Acting Pros, Audition Game I am walking into auditions fearless.  The year has started well.  A co star, a Guest Star and another pin on a hit show.  From the physical actions to the scene turning points to what to mime and what to wear, everything is covered.  I’m now in the Master Class and love it!
When I see others in the waiting room I think: “You don’t have the ammo that I got!“”

Doug Olsson

“Wendy Davis’s Acting Pros classes provided clear, usable, concrete, and specific methods that increase ones confidence and comfort level Before walking into the audition room. How to tell a story in a small spaced audition room, or using your physically to your best advantage or keeping multiple eye lines straight while simplifying detail material are just some of the techniques  taught.

Wendy, Julianne, and Lilach are all pros at what they do for their students. Classes are fun, non-judgemental, and always supportive. Really looked forward to every class because there were so many things I never thought of that came to light.  Yea!!!”

Rosemary Thomas

“Hello Friends.  I wanted to take this opportunity to give Acting Pros a Glowing Review.  I had a feeling they were legitimate by the emails they send out on a regular basis. But once I decided to take their 12 week class, I was convinced I had made the right decision.

I truly love Julienne’s energy. She bring so much passion and enthusiasm when she teaches the 12 week class. And I always enjoy her presence when she takes class beside us since she will someday be teaching the Comedy Class as well. She has tons of positive energy to share, and her time spent educating you will not be wasted!

And Lilach is truly amazing.  She has such a wonderful understanding of scripts, and I love taking her comedy class. After taking the 12 week class, I jumped right into her comedy class, and now that the is over, I’m enjoying level 2 as well. The classes are so much fun I don’t want to stop! Plus she gives private coaching, and almost every time she does, that client books something! Coincidence.  I think not!

And most of all Wendy Davis.  I took it upon myself to walk upstairs and meet her once I started my 12 week class, And she was very warm and welcoming to me and loved that I had joined up with the school.  And the fact that she is from my home state of Maryland certainly helps! Plus having a Former Series Regular teaching you, that was on a show for 7 seasons is  indispensable in this town! An opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted!

Bottom Line. I highly recommend Acting Pros for your ongoing studies in the Acting field! They have lots of class options, and I truly feel it is worth he investment to grow and study in this safe, yet challenging environment! Hope to see you there! and Remember, they give free audits!”

Ben Schyan

“They have a fantastic 12 week course that thoroughly takes you through all kinds of audition scenarios and teaches you a method to breakdown sides in order to really nail your auditions.

They help you understand how to look at the sides from the point of view of the writers and directors, as well as how to make the strongest choices to deliver the strongest and most authentic performances.

Wendy Davis, one of the founders, is a walking testament of her system and the other instructors are all working actors. Check out their free workshops and see if you’d like to commit to the 12 week intensive!”

Sheryl Bon

“When I initially saw the ad on Facebook Introducing a free class to improve your Audition technique, I thought to my self “oh boy here I go again, another seminar to get you hooked into buying a product to improve your auditions; how could this be any different than what I already had seen and sat through?” Although my trust was a bit on the edge waiting to get the entire breakdown of what this group was selling; To my surprise, the instructor(s) were above AMAZING! Lilach is one of the greatest, smartest and brilliant teachers I have ever meet, the way she teaches, her technique and clarity to the entire scene including raising the stakes to accommodate the writers intent is the best I have ever witness. Let’s not mention Wendy Davis touch when she teaches; Wendy too makes you think again and again to make sure you made the right real-life choices. I was sold and happy to say; I am a student for life! This Power Team and program has helped me understand how to break down a scene and tell the story the way its written. Acting Pros is NO DOUBT the BEST Audition class I have ever experience and trust me I have taken many.  Thank you, Lilach and Wendy, you two forces are the GREATEST!”

Lynne Davis

“I love working with Lilach. She is a kick-ass teacher and always gives it to me straight. I know she won’t let me get away with anything less than my best work. Also, when you tape with her she will make sure you look good! No weird distracting hair strands. Anyone would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Annika Noelle

“Before I met Wendy I wasn’t confident about auditioning. I’ve been well trained for a while and knew that if I got on set I would do fine, but I didn’t know how to get on set. I didn’t know how to book the job.

I decided to take Wendy’s course, and man, it changed my life! I hadn’t auditioned for 9 months and my first audition after her class – I booked it! Feature film that shot in Nashville. Now I am a working actor. Wendy has given me a blueprint of how I can have a solid audition and go into the room confident knowing I’m going to do a great job. Thank you so much Wendy!”

Ryan Gunnarson

“I think you know how I’ve been raving about your Acting Pros class and sharing it with everyone I think could benefit from it. Just wanted to add….you were right…I booked something.  My first series regular role!!!!

I’m beyond excited about this new chapter in my life and I am grateful for the role you have played in my story.”

Carlease Burke

Series Regular on NBC'S Crowded

“You walk into the audition room already feeling like a confident, worthy, professional actor- a feeling which can’t be bottled, and which I believe is the difference between booking and not booking the job.

Wendy is a kind, clear, direct and brilliant teacher who really wants to see her students gain confidence, smash each audition and book the job, and she is relentless in her approach to helping you get there.

Evanna Lynch

Harry Potter Movie Series

“Lilach is an excellent audition coach.  She took her time with me and helped me break my scenes down in detail.  She was fully invested in wanting me to succeed and helped me to deliver a top notch audition that I felt good about.  I highly recommend Lilach for your audition coaching needs.”

Becki Dennis

“Anyone who seriously wants to polish their audition skills should take Audition Game Pro.  Wendy Davis’ technique, taught masterfully by Lilach, gave me the skills I need to breakdown any sides I get for an audition.  Lilach really showed me how to become a detective and find all of the clues on the page and then dig even deeper.  She showed us how to avoid common pitfalls in a script as well.  Lilach’s very thorough approach to this technique has given me the knowledge I need to address all different types of auditions.  Many classes can teach you the craft of acting, but auditioning to get the job is a different beast altogether and this class is the solution for that.  WELL worth the investment! Looking forward to taking Wendy’s Master class.”

Erin Frigo

“Like most of us,  my auditions where hit or miss.  The Audition Game,  takes the guess work out of trying figure out ” WHAT THEY WANT ” to see.  This script analysis technique let’s you Know!  Lilach is a master of the technique.  During my first 12week class,  I had 3 network auditions.  I got CALL BACKS for 2 of them.
Lilach is a patient and very insightful teacher.  If you truly want to take your career to the next level, Lilach will put you on the right path.”

Erika Bowman

“I’m still new and learning more about the acting and auditioning process. When I received an e-mail from “Industry Deals” regarding the Acting Pros class, I was curious to check out the initial free workshop. I’m so glad I did! I haven’t taken other Audition classes, so I don’t have much to compare to, but even when I was talking to a couple people there, they said that they’ve taken audition classes, and none of them was quite like what they experienced at Acting Pros. That definitely peaked my interest.

I learned a lot from the audition class! Since Lilach Mendelovich is also a screenwriter, she helped me notice details with the writing in the script that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I also learned to think in terms of personalities and how certain behaviors would be consistent or inconsistent for a personality-type…things I never thought or before. It was helpful to watch playbacks of our mock auditions as well as learn from watching playbacks of my classmates’ performances.

There were a couple times that Wendy Davis filled in with teaching, which was a treat also. She and Lilach are wonderful teachers in their own way. Wendy has the “promoter-personality” style and Lilach is the “analytical” one. If you take the class, you’ll know what I’m talking about with those terms. 🙂

“Acting Pros” is very professional and runs their operation very smoothly. I definitely recommend them! I haven’t actively auditioned yet, but I know that I have useful tools now under my belt and more confidence than before for when the time comes in the audition room!”

Mabel Kong

“Wendy Davis’ Acting Pros ala The Audition Game, Starring Wendy, Lilach Mendelovich, and Julienne Irons is as good as it gets! This isn’t a review this is an Actor Alert! My callback rate has multiplied! Even after just attending Wendy and Lilach’s seminar at the SAG-AFTRA CONSERVATORY, I got a callback! Because of that, I said, “Sign me up”! And I enrolled in the AUDITION GAME 12 week workshop with Lilach and Julienne.

I had an audition the week after my first class with Lilach and booked the film.  Next week I leave for a few days because I booked the film that I had the callback on after the SAG-AFTRA seminar.  After audition coaching from Lilach, my callback rate has doubled, and I am now on “avail” for a feature that Julienne coached me on. After taking Wendy’s advanced class, the 12 Week workshop with Lilach and Julienne, then Lilach’s Find The Funny class, the light at the end of the tunnel has morphed into a huge spot light. I’d like to continue, but I have to go work on the Pulitzer Prize winning play PROOF, I booked. I play the role of Robert. It opens in Sept. at the Stage Against The Machine. Come see the play and you are welcomed to come back stage afterward and ask me anything about Wendy Davis’ ACTING PROS…AUDITION GAME workshop. Better yet, take the workshop and you won’t have to listen to me blab. (But still, come to the play.)”

Don Baldaramos

“Acting Pros is great. You learn a system that specifically is geared towards auditioning. It is truly amazing. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my self-submits especially. It is pretty technical at first, but once you start understanding and applying the system, it really works.

The classes are very positive environments that focus on all student’s growth. I’ve been in many acting training programs where a teacher will favor some students and ignore others – Acting Pros is NOT like that. All the teacher’s focus on helping each student tackle their own bad habits and push you to be consistent and strong. They will be honest with you but in a positive framework.

I cannot recommend them enough, worth the investment.

The best part is the teacher’s are also working actors so they have insights into the industry that are current and relevant! Bonus!”

Megan Putnam