The Truth About Our Breakup

The Truth About Our Breakup

After 4 years as business partners at Acting Pros, we have decided to part ways.

Find out why and what this means for you by clicking play on the video.

Breaking up is hard to do, but there’s so much good stuff to come from both Wendy and Emily. Stay tuned on how you can get the best of both worlds and take your career to the next level.

How Does Sterling K. Brown Create Award Winning Performances?

As a part of our upcoming Pilot Season Actor Summit, Wendy interviews Sterling K. Brown about how he creates memorable performances, and his overall experience in the business. Catch a sneak peek below:

Our online summit kicks off Monday, February 4. The 2019 Pilot Season Actor Summit features 12 master classes from 15 amazing industry insiders. And the best part, it’s totally free and you’re invited. Head over to to register now!

Self Taped Vs. In The Room Auditions

Self Taped Vs. In The Room Auditions

Is there a difference between what you do in a self taped audition vs. in the room?

Yes there is!

Check out today’s video to find out how to create the strongest audition that fits the situation:

In the age of self taping, it’s important to know how much leeway you have to create the strongest performance.

Are you getting in the room for your auditions but not booking?

Do you put a ton of pressure on yourself when an audition comes your way?

What if you could learn a proven audition technique developed by a Series Regular that will not only help you love auditioning, but can help you book the job?

You’re in luck!

The Audition Game is a step-by-step audition technique created by actress Wendy Davis (star of Lifetime’s Army Wives) and taught at the Acting Pros Studio.  This proven technique has helped our students book co-stars, guest stars, starring film roles and Series Leads.

It just might be the missing link for you, too.

Are you ready to learn how to create powerful, effective auditions that book work? The steps of The Audition Game will show you how.

SEATS ARE LIMITED. Click here to grab your spot.