Let’s get physical

Let’s get physical

An audition scene that includes complicated physical movement can be tricky to play in the limitations of the audition room.

How much action do you include? What do you leave out?

Should you leave anything out?

So many questions to consider.

Don’t let the physicality of your audition scenes throw you off.

Today’s video to the rescue!

Let’s Get Physical

Don’t be afraid to move in your auditions. Just be sure that the physicality is simplified for the set up of your audition room, and helps you tell the most important elements of the story.

Remember to test your choices before you get to the audition room. What seems like a good idea in your head, may not work out the way you imagined. Find out at home to so you can make a new choice!

Leave a comment. How do you handle physical movement in your audition? Do you test it out at home to see what works?


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Don’t be a bother

When you think about following up with an industry professional you’ve met, do you ever think to yourself, “I don’t want to be a bother,”?

Today’s video will show you how to stop doing that!

It’s important to not only create connections for your acting career, but to maintain them. That means overcoming your fear of being a bother, to reach out and connect.

Don’t be shy!

Here’s a great tip to help you get out of your head and into action…

Don’t Be A Bother

Some simple ways of giving can be as easy as a shout out on social media, retweets, or offering to be a reader for a casting session.

Remember that relationships are built on trust, which can only be earned over time. Earn the right to ask for things by giving first, asking second, and you will never have to worry about being a bother.

Leave a comment. How have you strengthened an industry relationship by giving (rather than trying to get)?

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How NOT to be a Social Media E-Creep

How NOT to be a Social Media E-Creep

Social media has become a major factor in casting decisions.

No matter what your personal opinion is about this fact, checking up on an actor’s social media presence is becoming industry standard.

But don’t lose heart! Anyone can build a social media following.

However, there’s a vast difference between using social media, and building a following.  If you find you’ve been simply lurking on social media, but not comfortable engaging with other users, today’s video is for you!

How NOT to be a Social Media E-Creep

The next time your fear or doubt is preventing you from putting yourself out there, remember the 4 C’s!

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Know before you go

Know before you go

Have you ever been to a party, walked up to someone you’d never met before and said,
“Hi. I don’t know anything about you. But I really want you to like me.”

Probably not.

But when it comes to the audition process, this very same approach happens quite a bit.

When you get an audition, what steps do you take?

You probably learn your lines, make choices, rehearse, pick out your wardrobe.

But do you take time to know who you’re going in for?

If you skip this step, you’re in luck.

Today’s video shares some simple questions and easy steps you can take to “know before you go.”

Taking just a few minutes to research a teeny tiny bit about who you’re going in for will boost your audition confidence.

Know Before You Go

Remember, marketing is simply building relationships with people who need what you have.  The operative word being people.  When you can connect with a person in a genuine way, through common values (such as their body of work, your taste in films), you’ll worry less about “being liked” in the audition room.

The best relationships are peer to peer, and knowing before you go is the first step to creating a strong professional relationship that lasts.

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Are you too attached to your audition prep?

Has this ever happened to you?

You prepare your audition. You make smart technical choices, including rehearsing with a reader. You put that reader on the right side of the camera. Based on the script, it makes sense for your character to stand.

You work out these technical details during your preparation.

Then you walk into the audition room expecting to execute your choices and what happens?

The reader is on the left side of the camera.

The tripod is stuck so you have to sit.

This is not what you were expecting. This isn’t how you rehearsed the scene. It throws you completely off your game. And then you blow it.

Expectation is powerful. Today’s video shows you how to use expectation to work in your favor when it comes to the audition room.

When you expect chaos, it doesn’t mess up your audition when chaos arrives. You never know what you’re going to get in the audition room. Things on set don’t always go according to plan.

So how do you prepare for chaos?

Try rehearsing your auditions multiple ways. Have your reader/rehearsal partner switch sides. Try a few takes standing (or seated) and see how that informs your choices. Don’t get attached to a specific set up.

The more comfortable you are with chaos, the stronger your work will be.

Leave a comment below. Have you ever been thrown off in the audition room? What happened, and what might you do differently next time to stay focused?



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