What’s your biggest acting struggle?

What’s your biggest acting struggle?

What’s up everybody, how are you, I hope you are having a fantastic day and that you are feeling good about your acting and about your career. So it’s been a minute since I’ve been on social media because it’s been so incredibly busy with auditions. It just happens to be a busy time. I go through slow periods as well, where I don’t have very many auditions. That’s just the way it flows.

I wanted to address the question that I just posted on Social Media, which was, What is your acting struggle? A lot of people share that they are struggling with getting union work . My recommendation for that is keep doing non- work. One of the gifts of non-union work, is that it gives you the ability to cut your teeth. You really can learn so much by doing non union projects, even if they’re really crappy. I remember those days and I learned a lot on those sets.

A lot of people also share that they struggle with booking auditions and it’s, it’s one of those things that you have to embrace. You have to embrace the challenge, the struggle. I don’t mean necessarily the struggle of the auditions, prepping the auditions. I mean the mind game that you will play with yourself. That for me has been the biggest struggle versus the actual work. Managing your thinking, managing your mind is the most important thing that you can do around booking and not booking jobs. You have to walk into the audition room a winner every single time. Even if you haven’t booked an audition in the last year. They don’t know that. You’ve got to manage your mind in a way where you feel like a winner and you are walking into that room as one.

You are absolutely responsible for your results in the room. However, you are not responsible for who books the job. Now, You’ve got to be functioning at a professional level to book, but once you’re doing that consistently, let it go. Go in, do your work and let it go.

The healthier you can stay during the lean times, the more powerful you are in the audition room and the stronger your likelihood of booking the job.

The Truth About Our Breakup

The Truth About Our Breakup

After 4 years as business partners at Acting Pros, we have decided to part ways.

Find out why and what this means for you by clicking play on the video.

Breaking up is hard to do, but there’s so much good stuff to come from both Wendy and Emily. Stay tuned on how you can get the best of both worlds and take your career to the next level.

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