Masters Class

Taught by Wendy Davis


Ready to become a Master?

Now that you’ve completed the 12-week Audition Game Pro class series, it’s time to master the audition game.

Taught by the Audition Game Pro creator, Wendy Davis, the Master’s Class is the place to take your audition skills to the next level.

The Master’s Class is only available to graduates of the 12-week series, so you’ll be surrounded by fellow gamers who all speak the same language.

Now that you have the technique foundation, let’s hone your audition skills, strengths, and work on what has previously held you back.  Just like your fitness routine, the key to staying in shape is to be consistent with your workouts.  The Master’s class helps you BE ready, so you don’t have to GET ready.  No matter what audition challenge comes your way, you are in the best shape possible to handle it like a pro.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This class is only available to graduates of our 12-week class series, Audition Game Pro.


Monthly Flexibility

Master’s is a monthly class series so your commitment level is flexible.  Stay in class for a month, take some time off, and return when you need to.

Each month consists of 4 consecutive classes.  Class is limited to 10 actors so that everyone gets the personal attention and time they need to thrive.

New students will be added at the beginning of a new month when space is available.

How it works

Like Audition Game Pro, each Master’s class will run like a real audition.  You will receive your audition sides 48 hours in advance.  During class you will tape your scene with a reader, and all auditions will be played back and given feedback.

Schedule and details


Time: 11am-2pm

Place: Glendale, CA

Next 2017 Class Dates:

October 10, 17, 24, 31


2017 Master's Class Tuesday DAY

You will be automatically billed every 30 days. 

We require 7 days notice to cancel your next payment.

1 payment of $350