Are you too attached to your audition prep?

Has this ever happened to you?

You prepare your audition. You make smart technical choices, including rehearsing with a reader. You put that reader on the right side of the camera. Based on the script, it makes sense for your character to stand.

You work out these technical details during your preparation.

Then you walk into the audition room expecting to execute your choices and what happens?

The reader is on the left side of the camera.

The tripod is stuck so you have to sit.

This is not what you were expecting. This isn’t how you rehearsed the scene. It throws you completely off your game. And then you blow it.

Expectation is powerful. Today’s video shows you how to use expectation to work in your favor when it comes to the audition room.

When you expect chaos, it doesn’t mess up your audition when chaos arrives. You never know what you’re going to get in the audition room. Things on set don’t always go according to plan.

So how do you prepare for chaos?

Try rehearsing your auditions multiple ways. Have your reader/rehearsal partner switch sides. Try a few takes standing (or seated) and see how that informs your choices. Don’t get attached to a specific set up.

The more comfortable you are with chaos, the stronger your work will be.

Leave a comment below. Have you ever been thrown off in the audition room? What happened, and what might you do differently next time to stay focused?



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  1. I Loved it! Thanks! But seriously, where did you get those earrings?

    • I Loved it! Thanks! But seriously, where did you get those earrings?

  2. This made me laugh. It happens all the time, not the laughing, but the unexpected happening in the audition room. With the exception of the earring but, most of these have happened to me … and more than once, especially the reader not being where expected, the reader sitting down when you need an eye-line of a standing person, etc. Agree with you that you have to prepare for the unexpected.

    Thank you, and I loved the end of the video. You guys were having too much fun!


  3. Haha yup. I’ve had lots of those things happen. Or they take your sides away!! So be off book. You guys are great!!! Love your blog. Susan

  4. I love all of your tips. This definitely happens on a regular basis. I recently had an audition where it would have been perfect to be able to sit because the character was having a conversation and there were no chairs in the room with a director who usually offers both options. It was a scene from a classic British period play and using proper posture would really showcase the character. It does throw you off. Such good information!

  5. “My characters in a wheelchair”. “So act like your in a wheelchair”. Hilarious. The unexpected does throw us off. I suffer with perfectionism. Its nice to get tips and pointers and realize that we may want to try the reader on both sides of the camera, do it both sitting and standing, etc. Thanks Emily and Wendy. Love ya’ll!!!

  6. Thanks Wendy,

    I had something like this happen to me , I just followed thru with my audition the best I could. Love the bloopers at the end girlfriend, you are so funny.

    Thank you so much,

  7. OK here are a few of my “favorites” from the few short years Jordan has been in this game:
    1) The filmmakers dropped a pack of cards all over the floor and asked him to pick them up. We found out later they were looking for natural clumsiness, which he isn’t…with this notable exception:
    2) Jordan was asked to chase a pesky “younger brother” around the room, and his foot caught the corner of a PVC frame holding up a curtain to block out light. The CD yelled at him to be more careful and aware of his body in space, and we assumed no callback would be forthcoming… but he actually booked that gig. The CD made a joke about it at the callback…and Jordan has actually booked a number of things since with that particular CD.
    3) In one uncomfortable audition, he was basically asked to caress several females. Ummm….if I were the teen girl’s mama I would NOT be thrilled with a strange boy touching near her chest, etc.
    4) After an 8-hour drive to reach the audition location, Jordan was called into a room with a chair in front of the camera. When he went to sit in the chair, the CD yanked it out from under him and yelled, “YOU WERE NOT INVITED TO SIT!!” He apologized profusely and she huffed, “You SHOULD be sorry!!!” What the actual h-e-double-hockeysticks??!! LOL
    Fortunately, he’s seemingly made of teflon and is super easy-going and resilient and doesn’t take anything personally. He has the perfect personality for this, which is to say: he can laugh anything off afterwards, and walk out of the room and not glance back. It’s always onward and upward and learning from each experience. Super-proud of him, but I could never in a zillion years!
    Thanks for all your wonderful advice, support, and general awesomeness!!

  8. Hi Wendy… have just started watching your videos and really enjoy them for being informative and entertaining. Do you work one on one via Face Time of Skype? If so, what’s the fee?

  9. excellent video! Loved it!! Great advice, thank you Wendy.


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