Play Hard & Win Big! (Part 1)

by | Oct 20, 2016 | Blog

Play Hard & Win Big! (Part 1) In this fast-paced world of TV auditions, it’s critical to have a step-by-step, repeatable technique under your belt. No matter how much (or how little) time you have to prepare, you can create a powerful, effective audition. That’s why we love sharing our technique, Audition Game Pro, with other actors. It’s all about turning your auditions into a game that you can play…and win. Winning your game doesn’t depend on whether or not you book the job. It’s all about setting, and meeting, your personal audition standard. You practice like you play, and when you play hard in class, it translates into the rest of your acting career. This Episodic Season our students have been KILLING IT! We’ve had a record breaking amount of student bookings (7 bookings in the past two weeks alone!) There’s nothing quite as gratifying as watching your students spread their wings and fly. Congrats, Gamers! This week hear directly from Aziza Scott to find out what she did to book her latest role: Congrats, lady! What can you learn from Aziza’s win Make STRONG choices. TEST THEM OUT so you feel prepared. Enter the room with the CONFIDENCE that you bring a fresh perspective to the scene. (The CD just might thank you for it!) Want to learn this audition technique for yourself…completely FREE? Enter To Win Our Scholarship Giveaway! We are giving away not one, but TWO scholarships to our #1 Audition Game Pro Digital. Help us celebrate the upcoming online course and enter to win a full scholarship. Here’s your chance to grab this $600 dollar value for FREE! In this special online...

The Power of FYI

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Blog

The Power of FYI When you get an audition, the turnaround time is FAST! However, there is an incredibly important step you must take to give your best work. In fact, most actors DON’T do this at all…and it’s one of casting’s biggest complaints. What is it? Find out in today’s blog. It’s PSA style so you know it’s extra important 😉 The Power Of FYI Remember, don’t underestimate how important the FYI is. Taking a few extra minutes to read it before you make your scene choices will put you miles ahead of the pack! Leave a comment. Was this helpful? Please like &...

3 Ways To Create The Perfect Audition Eye Line

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Blog

3 Ways To Create The Perfect Audition Eye Line Misplaced eye lines can weaken your audition. Just this one small, technical detail can derail your hard work. Acting Pros is here to help! Find out our 3 top tips to creating the perfect audition eye line, and get the most out of your on camera time! 3 Ways To Create The Perfect Eye Line In An Audition Did this video help you? Leave a comment below. Use these on camera tips to nail your next audition. Please like &...

3 Ways to Play Powerful Characters

by | Sep 29, 2016 | Blog

3 Ways to Play Powerful Characters These days TV shows and movies are full of fantasy, superheroes, and magic. So many characters have crazy powers or see Strange(r) Things 😉  These genres present a new challenge: How to create a powerful character in your audition? After all, in the audition stage it’s just you in a room… No special effects, No badass costumes, No Dragons.     So how can you really embody that kind of character all by yourself? Check out these 3 tips to get you powered up! 1. Stillness: Too much movement can read as nervousness or weakness on camera. Pay attention to how powerful people move, they do not waste energy. If they move, it’s with purpose. And they have no problem staying still – it projects confidence. Pro tip: Make sure to watch your posture as well – Powerful people stand (or sit) tall! 2. Time: People who have true power take their time. It’s their world, their rules, and they set the pace. A mark of true power is never letting anyone else rush you. 3. Calm: Power is about control – so don’t let your enemies see you sweat! Even when someone is trying to get to you, maintaining your calm is something powerful people excel at. Nothing truly threatens them because they have the…you guessed it! Power. Want to see a MASTER of projecting power? Watch Emilia Clarke on Game of Thrones (Spoiler Ahead):  Even though she is physically smaller than her opponents, she’s always the most powerful person in the room. She’s grounded and still, never flinches at threats, and takes her time to show SHE is the one in charge: https://youtu.be/eXJ8dsTUKAw?t=3m10s https://youtu.be/KvqzywRDsSw?t=2m43s...

The critical difference between Passion and Desperation

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Blog

The critical difference between Passion and Desperation You’re an actor. You WANT to book the job. You WANT to do a good job. Of COURSE you do. But… There’s a fine line between communicating passion for your craft, and reeking of desperation when you walk in the room. Can you spot the difference? Find out in today’s video!   Leave a comment. Do you recognize your behavior in the video? What small shift can you make to bring the passion (and leave the desperation behind)? Please like &...

Are you worth the extra time?

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Blog

Last month we offered our free audition workshop in Los Angeles. It’s a privilege to teach so many actors our step-by-step audition technique. Part of our workshop includes the chance for actors to cold read an audition scene. Time and time again we noticed a trend among our cold readers that worked against them. Perhaps you’re also falling into this trap. Check out today’s video to find out what it is (and what to do instead)! It takes courage to pursue an acting career. Don’t let your desire to be liked override the power of your work. Remember, it’s their job, but it’s your life! You’re worth the extra minute or two to give your best performance. Don’t be afraid to take your time in the audition room. Leave a comment. What can you do to set the pace in your next audition?   Please like &...

Pick Up What The Writer’s Putting Down

by | Sep 8, 2016 | Blog

Many actors (especially those coming from Theater) were taught to ignore the stage directions in their audition scenes. I completely disagree! Find out why in today’s video (and stay tuned to the end to get a pro tip that I personally use in my auditions). Should I Follow Or Ignore Stage Directions In My Audition? Remember, in Film and TV auditions the action lines are the writer’s way of leaving you clues about the scene. It’s part of your job to pick up what the writer is putting down. On your next audition try this pro tip when you prepare: Read the stage directions (or action lines) for your character in first person. This one tool can shift your understanding of the character from an intellectual idea to a personal experience.  The best actors don’t seem like they’re acting at all.  They appear to be a real person living out there life before our very eyes. Reading the stage directions in first person is the first step toward being, not acting, your character! Please like &...

This ONE small action can derail your audition

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Blog

This ONE small action can derail your audition Have you ever had an audition in which your character had to make (or receive) a phone call? It may sound silly, but the way you handle this one tiny action can RUIN all your hard work. How can such a simple thing be so destructive? It’s all in the way you handle it. Does it work for, or against, the world you’ve created in your audition? I swear, I could teach an entire 12 week course JUST on dealing with props in an audition situation. But this week, Emily and I show you how NOT to handle a phone call in your audition scene. (Stay until the end to get a simple phone solution for all your auditions). Hold The Phone Yes, it really is that simple! (Just be sure your phone is on silent, in airplane mode, or turn it off). Leave a comment. How do you handle a phone call in your audition? ================================= Join Audition Game Pro Los Angeles Ready to learn how to play The Audition Game…and win? Our 12 Week Audition Intensive starts next week! Audition Game Pro teaches you the exact audition technique I used to go from a struggling actress to a Series Lead (and how you can too). Class begins the week of September 12, and there are only a few spots left. CLICK HERE to join us and learn how to create powerful, effective auditions that book the job. Please like &...

Overcome your nerves in the audition room

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Blog

Overcome your nerves in the audition room If there’s one question I get time and time again, it’s “How do I overcome my nerves in the audition room.” It’s ok to be nervous! But don’t let your nerves get in the way of your talent. To create a powerful, effective audition that books the job, here’s a simple solution to overcoming your audition nerves… Top 2 Tips To Relax In Auditions Speaking of audition tips…are you coming to our FREE workshop? “Audition Secrets From A Series Regular” is a huge hit (and we only have 3 workshops left for the rest of 2016). If your nerves are getting the best of you in the audition room, this free workshop is for you. If you’re getting into the audition room but not booking, we can help. Are you an LA-based actor? Then don’t walk, RUN to this free workshop. We will get your audition muscles right + tight. Please like &...

On Set With Major Crimes Writer Michael Zara

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Blog

On Set With Major Crimes Writer Michael Zara This is Part II of our “What do they want from you in an audition” series. If you missed Part I, be sure to catch my interview with Major Crimes Director Stacey K. Black. Do you ever get in your head about what “they” want in an audition? You’re in luck! On the set of my recent booking on Major Crimes (more on that audition in a sec), I was able to pull aside the writer, Michael Zara, and ask him this very question. Hear what he had to say in today’s video! Interesting to hear the difference in perspective between the writer and director! About that audition I mentioned earlier… Have you ever read a scene and thought, “There’s not much going on here”? For my Major Crimes audition, I almost fell into that trap. Luckily I was able to use my audition technique, The Audition Game, to dig deeper. Next week I’ll be sharing the exact steps I took to turn a deceptively simple scene, into a powerful audition that booked the job. Stay tuned! In the meantime….are you coming?!? FREE Los Angeles Workshop Dates Are Here I’ll be sharing these audition secrets at our upcoming FREE workshop in Los Angeles, “Audition Secrets From A Series Regular.” Our FIRST Workshop is THIS SATURDAY AUGUST 20. Be there! If you are getting in the audition room, but not booking, we can help. I’ll show you the exact steps I took to go from a struggling actress, to a Series Regular (and how you can too). SEATS ARE LIMITED and they are filling up fast. Claim yours right here...
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