What Would Denzel Do… in a Close Up? (Part 2)

by | May 25, 2017 | Blog

What Would Denzel Do… in a Close Up? (Part 2) Ready for Part 2 of our “How To Create A Captivating Close Up” series? If you missed Part 1 you can check it out here. Now let’s talk about today’s Captivating Close Up, brought to you by Denzel Washington’s Academy Award winning performance in the film, Glory. The close up is so intimate, you can’t treat your performance the same as you would in a medium shot, and certainly not a wide shot. It’s important to modify your performance to fit the frame. Denzel does this beautifully in his powerful performance. He keeps his face relaxed, yet the intensity in his eyes keep the audience riveted. The more emotionally and/or physically challenging the scene is, the more challenging the close up. Remember that the camera picks up everything. To master the close up, less is more! Leave a comment. How do you modify your performance for the close up? ================================= Los Angeles Actors – Spring Classes Are Here Get Real To Get Roles: Let Go Of “Getting It Right” And Get The Job! Actors focus on what they’re feeling. Human beings focus on what they’re doing. I’ve seen too many actors get stuck playing an idea instead of allowing themselves to live in the moment. When you get too attached to what you planned, your acting falls flat. To be perfectly frank, it’s boring, and boring doesn’t book the job. In this 8-week intensive you will: Get out of your head and into the moment, to create work that is unpredictable and alive Learn to create a deep connection under any circumstances (this is the most important part of... read more

What makes a captivating close up? (Part 1)

by | May 18, 2017 | Blog

What makes a captivating close up? (Part 1) The close up is the most important shot for the actor to master. If done well, it’s the moment the audience (and/or the auditors) fall in love with you. If done poorly, you’ll have them running from the theatre, or ready to yell, “Next!” Acting in a close up is a specialized skill. It is different from stage acting, and even different from a medium or wide shot. To book roles in film and television, it’s imperative that you master the close up. Casting directors and Directors just don’t have time to teach you how to do this. It’s up to you to master this skill on your own. Check out today’s video to find out the 4 components to a captivating close up (featuring THE MASTER herself, Meryl Streep). This clip is from her Oscar-winning performance in the film, Sophie’s Choice. So what makes this, and any, close up captivating? There are 4 principles to creating a powerful close up: Seamless Acting Emotional Availability Active Listening Maximum Exposure Of The Eyes Use these 4 principles in your next close up. The audience, the auditors, and the camera will fall in love with you. Leave a comment. What steps do you take to modify your performance for the tight frame of a close up? ========================================= Los Angeles Actors – Are You Ready For Your Close Up? Spring Class: How To Be Captivating In A Close Up Do you want to book work in film and television? Successful film and television actors have something in common…they know how to make the camera fall in love with them! Do you? In... read more

Why are you an actor?

by | May 11, 2017 | Blog

If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably an actor. But do you remember why you became one? Do you remember that part of you that wanted to play? Or has that desire fallen by the wayside?  Gotten lost within the endless, frustrating actor-hustle? Have you had your heart broken, your ego bruised, or your pride trampled by the “industry”? Perhaps you’ve had all three. Or worse…you’ve had your dreams crapped all over, stealing your confidence, and convincing you it’s better to play small. Can you relate? I want to help you change that. Today. RIGHT NOW. I know you didn’t decide to become an actor to have your sparkle dimmed by the entertainment industry. Nope. That’s not who you are. You became an actor because it’s a calling. There’s a stirring way down deep in the gorgeous soul of yours to create…to share…to effect the lives of others through powerful stories. But don’t let me put words into your mouth. (Get your own words :)) Are you ready to get back to the REAL reason you chose to be an actor, each and every day? Then let me share with you one of my favorite, most inspiring videos of all time, by the fabulous and brilliant Simon Sinek. It’s called “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and while it’s aimed at business owners, I think it’s just as valuable for actors.   An actor is a business owner (albeit on an unconventional path). When you put all your focus on “How” to accomplish your goals, it’s easy to run out of steam. How will I land an... read more

Beyond Agents, Casting Directors And Auditions

by | May 4, 2017 | Blog

Beyond Agents, Casting Directors And Auditions Do you have tunnel vision when it comes to your career possibilities? If you are an actor, I know you’ve fallen into this repetitive loop: Agents. Casting Directors.  Agents.  Casting Directors. If I could just get an agent – my career would take off. If I could just take more casting director workshops – I’ll book more work. I can’t get an agent because I “don’t have enough credits.” I can’t get more credits because I don’t have an agent. I know! I’ll take more casting director workshops – because that could lead to more work. But the casting directors are only working with actors who have agents. Eff mother effing eff EFFF!!!!!!!!! How am I supposed to make something happen?!??? We’ve all been there.  So many actors fall into the trap of tunnel vision when it comes to the “how” of their success. Yes, agents are a great asset to have. Yes, casting directors are important relationships to develop. And workshops (should you choose to participate in them) can give you a way of meeting people you might not otherwise have access to. BUT, the workshop by itself has a very slim chance of giving you the results you want.   If you’re going the route of workshops, you’ll need an effective follow up plan to make the workshops work for you. There are many other paths to acting success. I’m all for singularly focused goals that move you into action.  It’s the only way to get results.  But if you are only looking at one possible path to acting success (agents and casting directors) you could be missing... read more

2017 Auditions To Offers Scholarship Giveaway Winners!

by | Apr 29, 2017 | Blog

2017 Auditions To Offers Scholarship Giveaway Winners! Thank you to everyone who entered the 2017 Auditions To Offers Scholarship Contest! As promised, we are offering two scholarships to our #1 marketing program, Auditions To Offers Digital. Woo Hoo! But we’re over-delivering on that promise…instead of two scholarships, we just couldn’t help ourselves. We are giving away four! At Acting Pros we believe in lifting each other up to create a supportive community. There’s plenty of success to go around! Even if you didn’t win the giveaway, feel free to leave a comment congratulating those who did. Let’s share the love and keep it positive 🙂 The 2017 Auditions To Offers Scholarship Winners Are… Bill Lee Brown | @BillLeeBrown Esther Krimmel | @StarKrimmel Susan Chambers | @Susan4745743 Jared Day | @JaredDay Congrats to you, and to all the actors taking action to create the career you desire, keep up the great work! If your name is on this list, please email us ASAP to claim your scholarship. What is Auditions To Offers? In this special online program, I teach you how to shift your focus from “getting more auditions” to building relationships with the people who can hire you. Most successful actors tend to be hired by a small group of people again and again.  Often they get to the point where they no longer need to audition. They simply go straight to an offer. If you want to make this happen for yourself, it’s time to start focusing on building YOUR professional relationships. How do you do that? This 5-week online program will not only show you, it will help you make a step-by-step plan and... read more

How NOT to be a Social Media E-Creep

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Blog

How NOT to be a Social Media E-Creep Social media has become a major factor in casting decisions. No matter what your personal opinion is about this fact, checking up on an actor’s social media presence is becoming industry standard. But don’t lose heart! Anyone can build a social media following. However, there’s a vast difference between using social media, and building a following.  If you find you’ve been simply lurking on social media, but not comfortable engaging with other users, today’s video is for you! How NOT to be a Social Media E-Creep The next time your fear or doubt is preventing you from putting yourself out there, remember the 4 C’s! Please like &... read more

Know before you go

by | Apr 20, 2017 | Blog

Know before you go Have you ever been to a party, walked up to someone you’d never met before and said, “Hi. I don’t know anything about you. But I really want you to like me.” Probably not. But when it comes to the audition process, this very same approach happens quite a bit. When you get an audition, what steps do you take? You probably learn your lines, make choices, rehearse, pick out your wardrobe. But do you take time to know who you’re going in for? If you skip this step, you’re in luck. Today’s video shares some simple questions and easy steps you can take to “know before you go.” Taking just a few minutes to research a teeny tiny bit about who you’re going in for will boost your audition confidence. Know Before You Go Remember, marketing is simply building relationships with people who need what you have.  The operative word being people.  When you can connect with a person in a genuine way, through common values (such as their body of work, your taste in films), you’ll worry less about “being liked” in the audition room. The best relationships are peer to peer, and knowing before you go is the first step to creating a strong professional relationship that lasts. Please like &... read more

Are you too attached to your audition prep?

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Blog

Has this ever happened to you? You prepare your audition. You make smart technical choices, including rehearsing with a reader. You put that reader on the right side of the camera. Based on the script, it makes sense for your character to stand. You work out these technical details during your preparation. Then you walk into the audition room expecting to execute your choices and what happens? The reader is on the left side of the camera. The tripod is stuck so you have to sit. This is not what you were expecting. This isn’t how you rehearsed the scene. It throws you completely off your game. And then you blow it. Expectation is powerful. Today’s video shows you how to use expectation to work in your favor when it comes to the audition room. When you expect chaos, it doesn’t mess up your audition when chaos arrives. You never know what you’re going to get in the audition room. Things on set don’t always go according to plan. So how do you prepare for chaos? Try rehearsing your auditions multiple ways. Have your reader/rehearsal partner switch sides. Try a few takes standing (or seated) and see how that informs your choices. Don’t get attached to a specific set up. The more comfortable you are with chaos, the stronger your work will be. Leave a comment below. Have you ever been thrown off in the audition room? What happened, and what might you do differently next time to stay focused?   Please like &... read more

Don’t Make Sh*t Up!

by | Apr 6, 2017 | Blog

Don’t Make Sh*t Up! When you have an audition, how do you create a powerful story? Where do you find the emotional hook? What steps do you take to embody a fully realized character? In some cases, I see actors pull a backstory out of thin air. It’s important to use your imagination to create a unique audition. But don’t make sh*t up that has nothing to do with the script. Here’s what to do instead… Don’t Make Sh*t Up Remember to use what’s on the page to influence your imagination and backstory. Ask yourself: What is the writer’s intention in this particular scene? How can my choices help tell that story in a clear and compelling way? Leave a comment. How do you create strong choices when you don’t have much to go on? How do you avoid the trap of pulling random ideas out of thin air? Please like &... read more

Don’t blow it at the table read

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Blog

Don’t blow it at the table read You prepare for the audition, nail your callback, and finally get the winning phone call: You booked the role! The hard work is done and it’s time to sit back and relax, right? WRONG!!!! Many actors fall into the trap of assuming that since they booked the part it is theirs to keep. In reality there is one major step between booking and that coveted #SetLife: The Table Read The table read is where all the casting pieces (actors) come together and the creators of the project finally get a cohesive picture of how the script will play. For the producers, writers, and directors this isn’t a simple meet and greet. It is the LAST CHANCE to make tweaks to the project before shooting starts. Those tweaks can be to the script…or the cast. There are so many heartbreaking stories about actors who finally booked to the job only to be replaced after the table read. This happens all the time in comedies (if you can’t make the joke work they will find someone who will), and even in dramas. So what can you do to make sure you keep that role you worked so hard to book? Treat the table read like another step of the audition process! Know the script Come in with a full understanding of the material Make strong choices This is no casual rehearsal for discovery. Look the part Are you playing a surgeon? Don’t show up in jeans and a v-neck. Did you do full hair and make up for your audition? Bring that look back to the table read! Your work will... read more
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